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Working Paper Series ( 2000 - )

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01/15 Scott Fletcher
Lessons from the New Zealand Seed Fund: New Zealand's Venture Capital Pioneers 
Abstract  275KB
01/13 Jim Sheffield
Stucturing Electronic Discourse for Inter-Organisational Decision Making
Abstract 447KB
01/12 Stephen Cummings, Margaret Petty, Ben Walker
Is good design really good business?
Abstract 1.4MB
10/11 Charles Campbell, Stephen Cummings, Urs Daellenbach, Sally Davenport
Toward better understanding the corporate innovation landscape in New Zealand using industrial research ltd's. "What's your problem New Zealand?" Competition data: analysis and propositions
Abstract 584KB
09/11 Deborah Jones, Amanda Reilly, Jayne Krisjanous & Carla Rey
Women Staff in Business Schools: An Exploratory Study
Abstract 437KB
08/11 David Stewart
Neo-Pragmatism: Implications for Research and Teaching
Abstract 294KB
07/11 Kala. S. Retna
Coping Strategies and Stress Management: Managers’ experiences with the ‘art of living’ in Singapore
Abstract 325KB
06/11 John Brocklesby, Deborah Jones, and Sally Riad
Theorising Language in Organisational Research: Three Views
Abstract 281KB
05/11 John Brocklesby
Thinking Systemically About Multi-Agency Collaboration – Organising Against Organised Crime
Abstract 983KB
04/11 Sarah Proctor Thomson, Noelle Donnelly and Geoff Plimmer
The ‘Right to Request' Flexible Work in the New Zealand Public Services*
Abstract 545KB
03/11 Victoria J. Mabin and Kim A. Sommer
Insights into the Elder Care Conundrum through complementary use of SSM and TOC
Abstract 800KB
02/11 David Stewart
Exploring Strategic Decision Making In a Large Organisation
Abstract 347KB
01/11 Jim Sheffield, Julien Lemétayer and Arthur Ahimbisibwe
What Works When? Exploring Contingency in Software Development Methodology.
Abstract 1.09MB
03/10 Philip Best and Matene Love
Maori values for Maori business: Cultural Capital in Indigenous Organisations
Abstract 304KB
02/10 Kala Retna and S Jeyavelu
School Leadership: A comparison of Singaporean and Indian cases.
Abstract 117KB


Todd Bridgman
Beyond the Manager’s Moral Dilemma: Rethinking the ‘Ideal Type’ Business Ethics Case.



02/09 Paul McDonald
Neurological Correlations to Authentic Leadership. Please contact the author directly.


Sally Davenport
Where Does International Entrepreneurship End? Exploring Entrepreneurial Exit from Internationalised SMEs through Trade Sales.
Abstract 250KB


Stephen Cummings
Foucault against management: Thinking differently about foundations and future of management studies.




Eric Chong
Role balance and team development: A study of team role characteristic underlying high and low performing teams.




Kala S. Retna and Jane Bryson
'Culture's consequences': implementing western ideas in an Asian organisation.




Kala S. Retna and Deborah Jones
One Size does not fit all: The Learning organisation comes to Singapore.



Paul Dickie and Emma Xiaoqin Fan
Banks and Corporate Debt Market Development.
Abstract 72KB

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