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The CANZ project has sustained an active programme of presenting its work for review and evaluation. We have submitted our work for peer review by leading regional and international conferences and journals. Interest in the work has been strong with full symposia being devoted to the project at the Academy of Management Conference in Toronto in 2000, and at the Australia New Zealand Academy of Management Conferences in 2000 and 2001.

We have presented our ideas to the community of Tmanagement practice in New Zealand in an extensive series of seminars held the length of the country. The support of the New Zealand Institute of Management in organising several of these seminars is greatly appreciated.

A book-length report of our findings was published by Auckland University Press in June 2001. Titled World Famous in New Zealand, the book was launched by the Prime Minister who described it as a "Bible" for New Zealand entrepreneurs. World Famous even made the best seller lists. A full list of publications is available on request.

Several of the company histories written as part of the project’s research have been released for publication. They may be downloaded as pdf files and reproduced with acknowledgement and without fee.

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Case Studies

Case Histories

 Weta Ltd. Steven Finlay, edited by Deborah Jones, March 2006 (284KB PDF)

 Vega Industries Ltd, Hayden Johnston and Lawrence Corbett, May 2004 (545KB PDF)

 Buckley Systems Ltd., Charles Campbell and Lawrence Corbett, July 2003. (433KB PDF)

 NZfilm, Deborah Jones, Steven Finlay, Jude Barlow, Helen Savage, June 2003 (801KB PDF)

 Deltec Telesystems Ltd, Charles Campbell and Lawrence Corbett, April 2002 (436KB PDF)

 Nuplex Industries Ltd., Ken McCarthy and Douglas Mabey, August 2001 (263KB PDF)

 Foot Science International, Hayden Johnston, March 2001 (205KB PDF)

 The Criterion Group, Colin Campbell-Hunt, April 2000 (382KB PDF)

 Tait Electronics Ltd, Ken McCarthy, April 2000 (308KB PDF)

 Svedala Barmac Ltd., Ken McCarthy and Colin Campbell-Hunt, April 2000 (206KB PDF)

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CANZ Research Summary

CANZ Research Summary

CANZ outputs (279KB PDF)

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