School of Management


Generating leading edge research is important at School of Management and is reflected in the School's strong track record of externally-funded grants and projects, the (with 40 years of disseminating the latest academic research to the practitioner community), our regular Research Seminars and the recently-created Working Paper Series.

Our focus on producing high-quality, original research enables us to offer a great deal to our key stakeholders, be they students, executives, community leaders or both small and large organisations. It provides our researchers with the platform to better analyse current and conventional management practice and how to move creatively to new knowledge and understanding.

The School of Management active research environment can be seen in our staff's wide range of research interests and publications, with many staff participating in the following ongoing or recently completed major research projects:

Our staff's innovative research has been recognised in recent Marsden Grants for

The School of Management also has an active PhD programme and offers other research training through our Masters (MCom, MTM) and Honours (HRIR, MGMT, TOUR) courses.

Bob Cavana,
Research Convenor,
School of Management