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TOURISM Newsletters:

The Tourism Management Group newsletter reports on current activities and achievements of our staff, our students, and our alumni.

The Tourism Newsletter has changed to an e-newsletter with a new name TOUR Victoria - check out the December 2014 issue. We hope that you find this new format user-friendly and would appreciate any comments or suggestions for improvements as we transition to this 'new newsletter' after 10 years of VicTour as a pdf newsletter.

All PDF documents require Acrobat Reader.

Tourism Newsletters - 2014

File size File type
TOUR Victoria December 2014
VicTOUR May 2014 1324 KB PDF

Tourism Newsletters - 2013

File size File type
VicTOUR December 2013 1005 KB  PDF
VicTOUR September 2013 800 KB PDF
VicTOUR June 2013 1 MB PDF

Tourism Newsletters - 2012

File size File type
VicTOUR December 2012 1.6 MB PDF
VicTOUR August 2012 1.2 MB PDF
VicTOUR May 2012 1.4 MB PDF

Tourism Newsletters - 2011

File size File type
VicTOUR December 2011 965 KB PDF
VicTOUR August 2011 790 KB PDF
VicTOUR May 2011 1.25 MB PDF

Tourism Newsletters - 2010

File size File type
VicTOUR December 2010 905 KB PDF
 VicTOUR August 2010 490 KB PDF
 VicTOUR May 2010 740 KB PDF