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About a professional qualification in Public Management

The Master of Public Management is designed for those aspiring to a career in management in the government and non-government sectors. The degree allows students to enhance their understanding of the theory and practice of public management, boost their performance as a manager and develop ways of improving practice in their organisations.

Governance and public sector reform, managing strategy, finances, planning, service delivery, human resources, monitoring and evaluation and more – all with a focus on the New Zealand sector context – are covered in the programme.

The purpose of the School of Government is to serve New Zealand and the world by advancing better government through fostering enlightened public leadership and seeking solutions to major public policy and management challenges.

Our interdisciplinary programme fosters capability to design and implement strategic and operational policies that advance public governance and enhance wellbeing, locally, nationally and internationally, now and in the future.

Mission of the MPM: To advance the knowledge, skills, competencies and behaviours of individuals, organisations and communities to lead, manage resources and design and implement innovative and effective programmes and services with a strong sense of public purpose and integrity.

Qualification options

Public Management offers three qualification options:

  1. Postgraduate Certificate in Public Management (PGCertPM)
    The Postgraduate Certificate in Public Management consists of four courses totalling 60 points, and is usually completed in two trimesters over one year, taking two courses per trimester.
  2. Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management (PGDipPM)
    The Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management consists of eight courses totalling 120 points, and is usually completed in four trimesters over two years, taking two courses per trimester.
  3. Master of Public Management (MPM)
    The Master of Public Management consists of courses totalling 180 points. For part-time students, the MPP is usually completed in six trimesters over three years, taking two courses per trimester, while full-time students usually complete in three-four trimesters over two years, taking three-four courses per trimester.

Students can choose to enter directly into their desired qualification or can 'staircase' their studies (complete the Postgraduate Certificate, then complete the Postgraduate Diploma, then complete the Master's degree).

Please note that if a qualification is awarded, it must be 'abandoned' before you can be awarded the higher qualification (e.g. you must abandon the Postgraduate Certificate before you can be awarded the Postgraduate Diploma).

For more information

For further information on courses and timetables, please refer to the Postgraduate Prospectus.

If you have questions about the degree, please contact:

Telephone: (04) 463 5458