Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellows are appointed to assist the research and teaching programmes in the School of Government.

The role of Honorary Fellows

The Honorary Fellows at the School of Government have been appointed primarily to assist the research and teaching programmes of the School, and to enhance its linkages to the wider professional community, whether public or private sector. The Fellows will also complement the work of the Advisory Board of the School in terms of advising the Head of the School on direction and strategy.

Specific roles that the Fellows will play from time to time, and depending on individual interests, are:

  • To assist in teaching programmes of the School, whether as commentators or panellists at School seminars, or as ad hoc lecturers on particular topics.
  • To be available to assist and mentor teaching staff and/or students from time to time.
  • To contribute to the work of particular research centres, where individual interest or expertise exists.
  • To assist the work of the Institute of Policy Studies (seminars / round tables / research projects). Some of the Fellows may indeed be or become Research Associates at the IPS.
  • To initiate research proposals and possible projects within the School's overall research focus in which they might subsequently take a leading role.
  • To promote and at times initiate linkages between public (or private) sector organizations and interests in which they are involved, and the staff or programmes of the School.
  • To advise the Head of the School from time to time (at either party's initiative) on matters to do with the School's direction and strategy.
  • To meet periodically with the Advisory Board of the School.
  • To promote improved relationships between the School and the wider community by demonstrating, through their appointment, the benefits of academic and professional linkages.

Ross Tanner

Honorary Fellow

The School of Government Honorary Fellows