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This subject is taught by the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research.


When you chose to visit this page, the decision you made was based on both the information you had to hand and a degree of chance. Whenever people make a decision in business, law or science, they do the same thing. Operations Research takes this idea even further. The study of Operations Research at Victoria is the study of scientific techniques for decision making.

Operations researchers examine systems and demonstrate watertight, scientific reasons for the decisions that are made in finance, management, government, and industry - and measure the uncertainty involved too. Studying Operations Research provides you with the tools and skills to plan and model complex systems, and provide rational and optimal solutions.

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Undergraduate information

BSc major requirements

  1. COMP 102 or 112; MATH 142, MATH 151
  2. OPRE 253; 30 200-level points from (COMP, MATH, NWEN, OPRE, STAT, SWEN); 15 further 200-level points from the Science Schedule or MGMT 206
  3. 30 points from (MATH 353, OPRE 300-399); 30 further 300-level approved points from (COMP, MATH, MGMT, NWEN, OPRE, STAT, SWEN)

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Postgraduate information

Information about postgraduate study in Operations Research can be found on the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research website.

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How to find out more

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Contact the Science Faculty Office for information on Admission, qualifications and courses, course advice and selection criteria, exemptions and prerequisites and your Application to Study.

Operations Research courses are taught within the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research, Cotton Building.

Dr Richard Arnold
Programme Director
Phone: 04 463 5668

School Office
Cotton 358
Phone: 04 463 5341

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Related subjects and careers

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List of courses

Please note: the list below shows undergraduate-level courses only. For postgraduate courses, see the list of all Statistics and Operations Research courses.

200 Level Courses

OPRE 253 – Operations Research

300 Level Courses

MATH 353 – Optimisation

OPRE 354 – Simulation and Stochastic Models

OPRE 355 – Operations Research Applications