School of Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research

Sione Paea

Sione Paea

Sione is doing a PhD in Mathematics and loves it: “I know a lot of students who are negative about mathematics but I’ve always said ‘Maths is fun’. I chose Victoria because it’s one of the leading research universities for mathematics in New Zealand.”

His thesis has involved developing a multiscale simulation method for the growth of nanocrystals in solution that couples a Kinetic Monte Carlo (KMC) description of the crystal relaxation process to solute reaction-diffusion equations.

When he finishes, Sione would like to work for Industrial Research Limited (IRL), who have funded his current study; he would also like to continue on to post-doctorate study if the opportunity arises.

He has enjoyed not only the research facilities but also the dedication and support of Victoria’s staff: “I like the way Victoria’s Science Faculty promotes Maths to students by providing extra tutoring and mentoring through Āwhina. The lecturers are so helpful and they are keen to help if students have any problems.”

Wellington, too, has impressed Sione: “I love the weather although it’s very different from my country of origin. Wellington is the place where I started my academic journey so I really love it.”