School of Mathematics and Statistics

Lisa Woods

Lisa woods, statistical genetics, Victoria University of Wellington

Lisa Woods has just begun a PhD in Statistics, combining her interests in biology and statistics.

Her research in statistical genetics focuses on the mapping of genes that influence quantitative traits such as height or eye colour.

Her work has potential applications to the dairy industry as the selective breeding of cattle to increase milk yield may also be unknowingly  influencing other traits – perhaps shortening the life expectancy of the cattle.

Lisa began her undergraduate study with biomedical science, but discovered she enjoyed statistics more than biology, “I like being able to extract useful information from data which initially reveals little about the situation at hand.”

She is currently working on a method with her supervisor, Dr Nokuthaba Sibanda, and will then apply this to data from ‘the real world’.

Lisa also studied Japanese at undergraduate level and completed a BA in Japanese and Applied Statistics, before moving on to a BSc (Hons) in Applied Statistics. This included a project on estimating tectonic stress using Bayesian statistics and gave her the opportunity to contribute to a GNS Science Consultancy Report.

“I’m enjoying where statistics can take you – you never know where you’re going to end up.”