School of Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research

STAT-193 – Statistics for the Natural and Social Sciences

School:Maths Stats & Operations RsrchRestrictions:QUAN 102, MATH 277

An applied statistics course for students who will be advancing in other disciplines as well as those majoring in Applied Statistics. It is particularly suitable for students majoring in Biological Science subjects, Geography, Linguistics, Psychology and social sciences such as Education and is also suitable for students taking BCA subjects.

Tuition Fees

2014: domestic $674.25     international $3,287.55


1 hour per week, to be arranged, including:

Ten hours per week of help sessions (to be advised) will be available for individual assistance.


An alternation of ordinary and practical data assignments

Course Materials

An approved graphics calculator is required - the Casio fx-9750Gii is recommended (approximately$130).


Clark, M.J. and Randal, J.A., A First Course in Applied Statistics: with applications in biology, business and social sciences, Pearson, 2004 (or 2011), cost approximately $85.

Course Homepage

Trimester 1 2014

* indicates instructor is the course coordinator.

CRNFrom/ToDaysTimeBuilding [Campus]RoomInstructor
1791 (L3) 3 Mar – 20 Apr 2014Tue, Wed, Fri1610 - 1700Maclaurin [Kelburn]LT103Richard Arnold*
Megan Clark
Nokuthaba Sibanda
Yuichi Hirose 
5 May – 8 Jun 2014Tue, Wed, Fri1610 - 1700Maclaurin [Kelburn]LT103
11333 (L4) 3 Mar – 20 Apr 2014Tue, Wed, Fri1200 - 1250New Kirk [Kelburn]LT303Richard Arnold
5 May – 8 Jun 2014Tue, Wed, Fri1200 - 1250New Kirk [Kelburn]LT303

Trimester 2 2014

* indicates instructor is the course coordinator.

CRNFrom/ToDaysTimeBuilding [Campus]RoomInstructor
4442 (L1) 14 Jul – 24 Aug 2014Tue, Thu, Fri1310 - 1400New Kirk [Kelburn]LT303Richard Arnold
8 Sep – 19 Oct 2014Tue, Thu, Fri1310 - 1400New Kirk [Kelburn]LT303
6164 (L2) 14 Jul – 24 Aug 2014Tue1100 - 1150Student Union [Kelburn]MT228Richard Arnold
14 Jul – 24 Aug 2014Wed, Fri1100 - 1150Maclaurin [Kelburn]LT103
8 Sep – 19 Oct 2014Tue1100 - 1150Student Union [Kelburn]MT228
8 Sep – 19 Oct 2014Wed, Fri1100 - 1150Maclaurin [Kelburn]LT103