Dillon Mayhew

Senior Lecturer School of Mathematics and Statistics


Teaching in 2017

Research interests

Matroid theory, graph theory, computational complexity, cryptography and coding.

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BMus (VUW), BA (Cantab.), BAHons (VUW), MA (VUW), DPhil (Oxon.)


Fellows: Rutherford Discovery Fellowship

About me

I studied music and mathematics alongside each other when I was a student. Mathematics won out eventually, but I still play music with orchestras around New Zealand.


My research is concentrated in matroid theory, which is type of abstract geometry. Over the years, I have enjoyed learning more about other fields of mathematics, including computability theory (the study of what computers are capable of doing), complexity theory (the study of what computers are capable of doing efficiently), model theory (the study of what formal languages are capable of expressing), and algebraic number theory.

Research groups

The VUW matroid theory research group.

Research grants

Marsden Fast-Start Grant (2009), Rutherford Discovery Fellowship (2014)

Personal website

Dillon Mayhew's website

Supervision interest

Matroid theory, combinatorics

I am happy to be approached by potential students.

Current Master and PhD students:

Will Critchlow, PhD – Models of random matroids

Kadin Prideaux, MSc – Families of cyclic flats of matroids

Past Master and PhD students:

Michael Welsh, MSc, 2011 – Golden-mean and secret sharing matroids

Amanda Cameron, MSc, 2013 – Kinser inequalities and related matroids

Michael Snook, PhD, 2013 – Matroids, complexity, and computation

Michael Welsh, PhD, 2014 – On maximum-sized golden-mean matroids

List of selected publications:

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