Computing the Truth

Event Name Computing the Truth
Start Date 4th Apr 2017 6:00pm
End Date 4th Apr 2017 7:00pm
Duration 1 hour

Computing the truth

Mathematics took a bold turn in the 1870s. Algorithmic approaches became less popular, and the demand for rigour led to analysis of, and, consequently, a crisis regarding the foundations of mathematics. From this, the branches of modern logic and computability theory were born.  In his professorial inaugural lecture, Professor Noam Greenberg will give a gentle overview of the field of computability theory and its development.


This is Professor Greenberg’s inaugural lecture as Professor of Mathematics at Victoria University of Wellington. Our public lecture series gives you the opportunity to engage with the latest thinking on the world’s major issues.

The inaugural lecture will take place in The council Chamber, Level 2, Hunter Buidling, Gate 1 or 2 Kelburn Parade

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