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Please note: Information on this page relates to the 2016 academic year unless otherwise specified.

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This subject is taught by the School of Marketing and International Business.


International Business is the study of business and management across international borders. It encompasses aspects such as globalisation and the impacts of the global environment on organisations, trade and trade policy, foreign direct investment, strategies of international firms, strategic alliances and exporting, and international management, including cross-cultural and international human resource management.

Studying International Business

It has become essential for business managers, policy makers and researchers involved in the global environment to understand international business. In the 21st century, goods, services and knowledge flow across country borders much more easily than in the past. For business, the implications of these flows and the increased mobility of human resources are profound. 

On the one hand, global competition has become more intense, while on the other, opportunities for cooperation across borders have never been greater.  Long-term survival of businesses, and indeed entire economies, depend on how well these forces are understood and leveraged.  Students of international business will be considerably advantaged in these respects when they embark on their careers.

Working in International Business

A huge range of opportunities exist for applying knowledge and skills in international business. Additional capabilities in the areas of marketing and/or management are valuable complements to an international business degree in the workplace. An interest in policy alongside International Business will be useful for careers in government, particularly in the areas of trade and investment, and export development. International Business is an exciting field, requiring an ongoing interest in world events, and an ability and motivation to keep up-to-date on global economic and political changes.

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Undergraduate information

The Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) general requirements are:

  • A total of 360 points to complete the degree (3 years full-time study).
  • The completion of seven core 100-level courses.
  • The completion of at least one major.
Note: If you are taking International Business as a major for a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc) you must also include the BCom core courses.

International Business major

The current International Business major consists of the following courses:

  • (a) IBUS 201, 205, 212, 305, 312, one course from (IBUS 300-399, MARK 302).
  • (b) 20 100-level ASIA, CHIN, EURO, FREN, GERM, ITAL, JAPA, PASI or SPAN points or ASIA 201, 202 or 203, or an approved substitute.

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International Business major attributes

These are the attributes that we expect our IBUS majors to have by the time they graduate. They will be able to:

  1. Explain and summarise the main issues facing the field of international business
  2. Comprehend and apply theories and practices of international business
  3. Use oral, written and presentation skills in presenting International Business material
  4. Develop critical and creative thinking relating to International Business
  5. Develop and compare strategic alternatives in global markets

International Business Minor

Given the relevance and usefulness of International Business in the present world, we strongly encourage students who pursue other majors or degrees to also obtain an International Business minor. They may obtain the minor by completing at least 60 points at 200 level or above in the International Business subject area, including at least 15 points at 300 level. Please note that no 300-level courses may be counted towards two minors, or towards both a major and a minor.

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Postgraduate information

Graduate Certificates and Diplomas 

Postgraduate Qualifications

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Course information

International Business courses are taught within the School of Marketing and International Business, Rutherford House, 23 Lambton Quay, Wellington.

Course learning objectives

Each course has specific learning objectives that we expect students to have attained by the time that they have successfully completed the course.

Download the course learning objectives below: 

Document File size File type
International Business—course learning objectives 20 KB PDF

List of courses

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200-level courses

  • IBUS 201: Principles of International Business (2016)
  • IBUS 205: SME Internationalisation (2016)
  • IBUS 212: International Management (2016)

300-level courses

  • IBUS 305: Dynamic Strategy and Structure in International Business (2016)
  • IBUS 312: Managing and Communicating Across Cultures (2016)