Postgraduate study

A range of postgraduate qualifications are offered by the School of Marketing and International Business.

There are a number of postgraduate study options available to you within the School of Marketing and International Business, from the Graduate Certificate/Diploma through to PhD study.  To find out more about the postgraduate qualifications, please click on the links below:

Graduate Certificate in Commerce (GCertCom)

The Graduate Certificate in Commerce is equivalent to one trimester of full-time study for students who already have an undergraduate degree. The courses selected for the Certificate must total at least 60 points at 200-level or above, including at least 40 points at 300-level or above. A specialisation will be awarded if the courses all come from a particular commerce subject area. The Graduate Certificate is offered in both Marketing and International Business.

Graduate Diploma in Commerce (GDipCom)

The Graduate Diploma in Commerce is equivalent to two trimesters of full-time study for students who already have an undergraduate degree (although it may take longer depending on the sequencing of the courses chosen and the possible need to take prerequisites first). The courses selected for the Diploma must total at least 120 points from courses at 200-level or above, including at least 75 points at 300-level or above.

Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (PGDipMkt)

An intensive part time study programme over 18 months. Designed for working professionals who would like to improve their career prospects within the Marketing arena. This can also be used as a stepping stone to the Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Bachelor of Commerce with Honours (BCom Hons)

The School offers BCom Honours programmes both in Marketing and International Business. Major corporations and government organisations increasingly require the minimum of an Honours degree for entry into high-level positions.  Indeed, any career path is enhanced with the experience and qualification that an Honours degree provides.

Victoria University has one of the most respected programmes in New Zealand and produces highly valued professionals.  Our Honours graduates are not only highly marketable in the corporate and government environments, but are also well placed to continue their studies for a Masters degree or a PhD.

Master of Commerce (MCom)

The School of Marketing or International Business offers Master's-level study for the Master of Commerce (MCom) degree in Marketing or International Business. There is a 180-point MCom (for students who have not yet completed honours or an equivalent qualification) and a 120-point MCom (for those who have).

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Entry into the PhD programme is generally via a successfully completed MCom (or equivalent) degree though exceptional performance at Honours level may be accepted for direct entry into PhD study.  The PhD programme requires three years of full-time study in which students are required to complete a research thesis under the supervision of a senior academic with relevant research interests.  At the discretion of the School Research Committee, PhD candidates may also be required to take some taught courses.  Part-time study for a PhD may be offered in some circumstances.

Academic staff in the School of Marketing and International Business offer expertise across a wide range of research areas in both Marketing and International Business disciplines to support students studying at Masters and PhD levels.  Students are encouraged to work within the School and are able to access a range of facilities to support their study.