Welcome to the School of Marketing and International Business

Welcome from the Head of the School of Marketing and International Business.

Head of School & Associate Professor of Marketing Dr Dan Laufer

The School of Marketing and International Business (SMIB) is committed to providing our students with a teaching environment that is up to date, relevant to the needs of employers and respected for its quality. To ensure this outcome, we foster an integrated approach to teaching and research which focuses on business issues and practices which are both regional as well as international. In this regard, we strive to nurture graduates who understand local business culture, but at the same time, are equally aware of global business concerns.

Being in Wellington, the national capital of New Zealand, we are ideally located to pursue our research focus on the increasing trade relationship between New Zealand and Asia. To this end, while the research projects undertaken by SMIB staff have been diversified, topics related to Asia and Asia with the rest of the world, have featured prominently on their research agendas. These research results are disseminated to business organisations to improve their performance and feature in high quality research publications, both nationally and internationally.

You are invited to explore the School through its web site where you will find information about our courses, staff, research, students and ongoing activities. Our programmes are flexible and are designed to equip students with the latest marketing and international business skills necessary for success in today's market characterised by rapid change, technological advancement and globalisation. We are proud of our graduates and our aim is to provide genuine and caring support to all students.

I invite you to find out more about our work in SMIB and hope that you will join us. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Associate Professor Dan Laufer
Head of School