Dr Yang Yu

Undergraduate Programme Director—International Business School of Marketing and International Business


Teaching in 2017

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Dr Yang Yu joined the School of Marketing and International Business after receiving his PhD in 2011. He has work experience in the im/exporting industry in Shanghai before coming to New Zealand. Dr Yu is now the Undergraduate Programme Director for International Business, and a visiting scholar at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University in Suzhou, China.

Research interests and projects

Dr Yu’s research interests pertain to MNC strategy, family businesses and China. Examples of his current projects are: (1) the role of organisational status in acquisitions, (2) effects of institutional motives on Chinese firms’ establishment mode, (3) political strategy of Chinese family businesses, and (4) impact of headquarter attention on reverse knowledge transfer.

Selected publications


Yu, Y. & Lindsay, V. A social-psychological perspective of host country societal acceptance of foreign firms, Critical Perspective of International Business, forthcoming. (Journal ranking: B in the ABDC list).

Yu, Y. & Liu, YL. Country-of-origin and social resistance in host countries: The case of a Chinese firm”, Thunderbird International Business Review, forthcoming. (Journal ranking: B in the ABDC list).

Yu, Y. & Sharma, R.R. (2016) Dancing with the stars: What do foreign firms get from high-status local exchange partners? Management Decision, 54(6): 1294-1319. (Journal ranking: B in the ABDC list, impact factor: 1.396)

Liu, A., Gould, N. & Yu, Y. (2016) Opportunities and opportunism with high-status B2B partners in emerging economies, Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 31(5): 684-694. (Journal ranking: A in the ABDC list, impact factor: 1.371,)

The authors contributed equally to the paper. The paper was selected to be the ‘Outstanding Paper’ of the journal as Emerald’s Awards for Excellence (2017)

Yu, Y. & Lindsay, V. (2016) Export commitment and the global financial crisis - Perspectives from the New Zealand wine industry, Journal of Small Business Management, 54(2): 771-797. (Journal ranking: A in the ABDC list, impact factor 2.876)

Yu, Y. & Lindsay, V. (2011) Operational effects and firms’ responses: Perspectives of New Zealand apparel firms on international outsourcing, International Journal of Logistics Management, 22(3): 306-323. (Journal ranking: A in the ABDC list, impact factor: 1.610).


Yu, Y. (2014) Dancing with the stars: Impact of partner status on firms’ relationship outcomes in host countries and the contingency. China Marketing International Annual Conference, Wuhan, China.

Yu, Y. (2014) Are you up to the task? A social psychological perspective on MNC acceptance in host countries. China Goes Global Association Annual Conference, Shanghai, China.

Yu, Y. (2013) Legitimacy process from the audience’ perspective –A case of Chinese firms meeting local resistance in host country, China Marketing International Conference, Xuzhou (July).

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