Helen Hynes

School Manager School of Marketing and International Business

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The role of the Undergraduate Programme Administrator is to support links between our students, tutors, course co-ordinators and administrators thus ensuring that our school continues to operate as an integrated and comprehensive whole.

To achieve this, I work across two main areas within SIMB : alongside Jessie Johnston and Rebelah Sage, I am involved in the administration of the school’s undergraduate programmes, from 100 through to 300 level.  I am also the Maori and Pasifika link for undergraduate students, which also includes a focus on Maori and Pacific Island tutorials, currently offered when possible, in MARK 101.

The other major part of my role is the recruiting, training, managing and developing of tutors.  Our school’s tutorial programme forms an integral part of course delivery.  Tutors and tutorials not only enhance and complement student learning and course objectives, but provide a fundamental and supportive link between course co-ordinator and student.  This is an important and valued role and if you are interested in contributing as a tutor then I look forward to hearing from you.