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Dr Miguel Arnedo-Gomez

Programme Director
School of Languages and Cultures

Phone: 04 463 5602
Location: Room 503, Von Zedlitz Building, Kelburn Pde, Kelburn Campus

Dr Miguel Arnedo-Gomez


MA PhD Lond


Miguel Arnedo-Gómez is a Senior Lecturer in the Spanish and Latin American Studies Programme in the School of Languages and Cultures (SLC). His research focuses on the connections between Latin American literary works and the socio-cultural characteristics of the societies in which they are produced, with a particular focus on the representation of race and ethnicity and the literary incorporation of African or indigenous cultural elements.

Another part of his research centres on the analysis of theories and concepts of cultural interaction in Latin America, such as transculturation, mestizaje, hybridity and heterogeneity. He is also interested in the analysis of nationalism and national identities in Latin America.

Current Research Projects

Cuban Blacks, National Identity and Afro-Cuban Culture in the Poetry of Nicolás Guillén (book project). This book will put forward a new interpretation of Nicolás Guillén by highlighting his social and cultural distance from the black Cuban sectors his poetry focused upon. An important element will be to investigate Guillén’s perspective on the idea of mestizaje (race mixture) and his literary representation of the Cuban musical genre known as son.

Research Supervision

Welcomes proposals in:

  • Race and ethnicity in Latin American literature
  • Latin American cultural theory
  • Nationalism and national identities in Latin America
  • Cuban literature and culture

Major achievements

Early Career Research Award (Victoria University, 2006).

University Research Fund Grant of $10,344 (Victoria University, 2008).

Teaching Interests

Miguel teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses on Spanish language, translation and Latin American literature.

Selected Publications


Writing Rumba: The Afrocubanista Movement in Poetry (Virginia University Press, 2006).

Articles and Book Chapters

"Uniting Blacks in a Raceless Nation: Afro-Cuban Reformulations of Afrocubanismo and Mestizaje in 1930s Cuba", Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies, 18.1 (2012): pp. 33-59.

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