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Dr Margaret Sutherland

Senior Lecturer
School of Languages and Cultures

Phone: 04 463 5975
Location: Room 615, Von Zedlitz Building, Kelburn Pde, Kelburn Campus

Dr Margaret Sutherland


MA DPhil Waik


I am a senior lecturer and Programme Director of the German Programme at Victoria University.  Prior to my appointment at Victoria, I taught at Waikato and Massey Universities. Over the years my interests have developed from pure Germanistik to include such disciplines as film studies, women's writing, crime writing and European Studies.

I am a Board Member of the editorial board for the Germanica Pacifica Series (University of Auckland), a series focussing on research on the German influence in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific area; a member of the editorial board for the European Studies Primary Text Series for the School of Languages and Cultures, and Tertiary representative on the committee of GANZ (German in Aotearoa/New Zealand).      

Current research projects

Biography of Elisabet Delbrück (1876-1967), German artist and traveller who joined the Mahina Bay and York Bay communities in 1939, and articles about her acceptance into New Zealand in 1939 and life as an art historian,  and a translation of her African Diary written between 1834 and 1936.

Displaced Person`s Project: This focuses on the lives and experiences of migrants to New Zealand mainly from Eastern Europe. My primary interest is the publication of memoirs and other written documents which will become part of our European Studies Primary Text Series.

Research Supervision

Welcomes proposals in European Studies especially aspects of German/New Zealand relations; German literature of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, especially literature of the former East Germany; German film; and translation

Currently has students working on:

"Unlocking New Worlds: An English translation of Cornelia Funke’s Herr der Diebe" (MA thesis); "The Magic Mountain” in Philosophical, Psychological and Sociological Contexts: An Intertextual Reading of Thomas Mann" (PhD – second supervisor)

Teaching interests

My teaching interests include German literature from the 19th to the 21st century; East German literature; German film; Berlin in literature and film; the history of Germany from the beginning of the 19th century till the present day; comparative literature, especially European tragedy; European Studies with special emphasis on German and New Zealand relations and the German influence in Asia and vice-versa.

Selection of publications

"Anna Dierks", Eine Welt für sich. Deutschsprachige Siedler und Reisende in Neuseeland im 19. Jahrhundert (Bremen, Temmen, 1998)  

"Margot Philips: in Im Schatten zweier Kriege. Deutsche und Österreicher In Neuseeland im 20. Jahrhundert (Bremen, Temmen, 2005)

"Arthur Hilton" in Im Schatten zweier Kriege. Deutsche und Österreicher In Neuseeland im 20. Jahrhundert (Bremen, Temmen, 2005)

Translation of the short story by Andrea Grill: "My Grandmother, the Crustacean"  in Been there, Read that! Stories for the Armchair Traveller (Wellington, VUP, 2008)

Richard Fraser, A View from the Lower Deck. Diaries of a Life in the Royal Navy, ed. Margaret Sutherland (Wellington, 2007)