School of Languages and Cultures

School of Languages and Cultures

The School of Languages and Cultures offers undergraduate, honours and postgraduate studies in a range of Asian and European languages, literatures and cultures.

The subjects taught in the School include Asian Studies, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Modern Language Studies and Spanish.

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Welcome from the Head of School - Dr Sarah (Sally) Hill

Sally Hill欢迎, bienvenue, willkommen, selamat datang, benvenuti, 歓迎, ようこそ, 환영합니다, bienvenidos, hoan-gêng, haere mai and welcome to the School of Languages and Cultures. (SLC). Read more about Sally...

Why Study Languages and Cultures?

The successful global citizen can communicate in two or more languages and has a high degree of intercultural competence. Knowledge of different languages and cultures expands our minds, transforms our experience of the world and brings benefits to local and global economies. Business and international relationships flourish when people from vastly different cultures understand one another. Studying languages and cultures at university level gives you an edge both on a personal level and in terms of your employability.

New course - FHSS 110 Reading the World: Languages and Cultures in Context

FHSS110 - Reading the WorldThis new multidisciplinary course taught in English will provide you with insights into how languages and cultures shape and reflect identity by critically engaging with a wide variety of global texts and objects located in New Zealand's capital city and beyond.

Why learn another language if everyone in the world speaks English?

With around 7,000 living languages in the world, Dr Claudia Bernardi from the School of Languages and Cultures explores the benefits of learning to speak another tongue. Read more ...