School of Information Management

Undergraduate Study Options at SIM

Undergraduate study at the School of Information Management (SIM) focuses on courses that examine the role of information systems and information technology in modern organisations.

The collection, analysis, and management of relevant, up-to-date and accurate information is today is crucial to the success of today's businesses and organisations. That's why a major in information systems from the School of Information Management provides a solid foundation for a successful future as an information professional.  Students can specialise in IS Business Analysis or IT Solutions.

Degrees Offered at SIM

Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Information Systems

Conjoint and double degrees
You can combine a commerce degree with a second undergraduate qualification in a conjoint or double degree programme.  The amount of study required is less than that for two separate programmes because you can count some points towards both degrees.  A conjoint Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science is a common combination.

Bachelor of Arts (BA)
In addition to completing one of the core BA majors, you also may complete Information Systems as an outside major in a BA by satisfying the following requirements:
- INFO 101, 141, 151; any three courses from INFO 226, 231, 234, 246, 264
- INFO 395 of INFO 320; any two courses from INFO 300-399.

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