Description of the electronic commerce major in the Bachelor of Commerce degree at Victoria

New Information Systems major

The e-Commerce major has been incorporated into the new Information Systems (INFO) major effective from 2015.

The INFO major has two specialisations, IS Business Analysis and IT Solutions, which offer more flexibility than the previous separate INFO and ELCM majors. The information below is intended for students enrolled in the ELCM major prior to 2015.

Read more detailed information regarding the transitional arrangements.

Undergraduate information

The Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) requires:

  • A total of 360 points to complete the degree (3 years full-time study).
  • The completion of seven compulsory core 100-level courses.
  • The completion of at least one Major.

e-Commerce major

  1. BCom (ACCY 111 or ACCY 130, ECON 130*, FCOM 111**, INFO 101, MARK 101, MGMT 101 and QUAN 102)
  2. INFO 102, 241, ELCM 211, 251
  3. ELCM 395, two further courses from: ELCM 301-391, INFO 321, COML 307, MARK 312

*The ECON 130 requirement will be waived for a student who has passed ECON 140 **FCOM 111 can be replaced by COML 203 and PUBL 113/201/202

Students doing the INFO/ELCM double major can take INFO 395 or ELCM 395 -- not both -- and can substitute one INFO or ELCM 300-level course for whichever 395-coded course they did not take.

e-Commerce major attributes

These are the attributes that we expect our ELCM majors to have by the time they graduate. They will be able to:

  1. Understand and manage the interplay between people, technologies and organisations that underlies e-business
  2. Understand the technologies and processes of e-business infrastructure
  3. Develop, test, deploy, maintain and measure e-business strategies, systems, processes and applications for an organisation
  4. Exploit new business models and marketplace structures enabled by electronic communications
  5. Communicate the technical and managerial aspects of e-business
  6. Understand, manage and control e-business risks and security
  7. Explain the impact of e-business on social, economic, legal and ethical issues in organisations and society.

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