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Research at the School of Information Management

The School of Information Management has a strong, vibrant research culture. We aim to produce research of the highest standard that is cutting edge and of value to both fellow researchers and practitioners.

Our stakeholders include both private and public sector organisations, along with individuals and communities involved in information management practices and pursuits. 


Latest Research News

Study shows consumers willing to pay for online news

A Victoria University of Wellington student is exploring ways to fund quality journalism online, including developing a tool that allows people to purchase an online package of news from several publishers. Read more »

Is the internet making us stupid?

People are reading more text than ever, but recalling less of it, a Victoria Business School study on reading behaviour has found. Read more »

Many home computer users "too lazy" to protect online security

Around 80 percent of home computer users who admit that they don’t take measures to protect their online security cite laziness as the reason, a PhD study from Victoria Business School has found. Read more »