Victoria Business School Excellence Awards

School of Information Management’s outstanding achievements of 2016 graduating students

Thuan Nguyen

Dean’s Award for Doctoral Achievement

Dr Nguyen Thuan Hoang

Establish Crowdsourcing as an Organisational Business Process: A Design Science Approach

Thuan completed his thesis in the canonical (but very often idealistic) 3-year period with an outstanding track record of publications.

Thuan’s thesis is a solid, thorough investigation of the issue of crowdsourcing. In particular, Thuan investigated crowdsourcing as a repeatable business process, a topic that represents a new multidisciplinary research avenue bringing together concepts from computer science, information systems and managerial sciences. The thesis contributes to establish crowdsourcing as a regular, repeatable and integrated business process, ready for organisations to adopt, with the added value of a decision support tool helping organisations to decide to crowdsource or not.

Besides this significant contribution, the thesis also contributes to research methodology in Design Science with a new method for developing decision support tools. Thuan's process for designing and validating a decision support tool articulated a systematic literature review with conceptual framework, heavyweight ontology, and decision support tool. This method is comprehensive, rigorous, and fully traceable, and leads to decision support that is fully sustained on the existing knowledge base.

The School is delighted that Thuan’s achievement has been recognised through this award.

Supervisors: AProf Pedro Antunes, Dr David Johnstone

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