School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences

Undergraduate Study

Bachelor of Science

Students in the School can complete a Bachelor of Science (BSc) with the following majors:

Bachelor of Arts

Students can also complete a Bachelor of Arts (BA) with majors in:

Summer Courses

Geographies of New Zealand - GEOG 313

This course explores the human geographies of Aotearoa, New Zealand in historical and contemporary settings. It is taught as two modules in late January and February and internally assessed. It is led by Richard Willis.

  • Module 1: Lectures and tutorials (9-12 for two weeks) covering demography, historical, social and urban geographies and political economies.
  • Module 2: Field Trip (five days) to the Taranaki and Tongariro regions to study sustainable agriculture and tourism.

Climate Change and New Zealand's Future - ESCI 201

This course provides a summary of current knowledge on climate change and climate prediction for the next 50 to 500 years. It discusses the influence of climate change on New Zealand and includes a marae forum where issues are discussed from traditional and modern-day Māori perspectives.

It runs in January and can be taken in parallel with GEOG 313, but please contact us for more information.