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Victoria University Scholarships

Many scholarships are available for students at Victoria University, through the Scholarships Office.  

The office maintains the Scholarships Database, a comprehensive searchable database listing all available scholarships with criteria, value, tenure and closing dates. Most application forms can be downloaded from this database. For best results when searching the database, keep the search terms broad. 

The office also welcomes enquiries from students and staff. Please contact us by email or drop in to 10 Kelburn Parade between 8.00am and 4.30pm.


The School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences' Scholarships

  • Inaugural Master’s paper-writing scholarships

Master’s paper-writing scholarships

SGEES is happy to announce two new scholarships for Master’s students to write up their theses for publication in refereed, international journals.  SGEES Master’s students who have handed in, or are about to hand in, their theses for examination in 2015, within 12 months of their initial enrolment, are eligible to apply for the first two inaugural paper-writing scholarships.  These scholarships, of about $3000, will be offered on a competitive basis (there are only two for the whole school) and will provide a contribution for a month so that the student can prepare a paper based on their Master’s thesis, for publication in a refereed journal, with their supervisor as a co-author.  The scholarships will be payable in two instalments, one half-way through the term and one after submission of the paper.

To apply, please write a letter to the Research committee, via Miranda Voke (, with your CV, the abstract of your thesis and the intended journal, and get your supervisor to send a separate letter detailing how much more work he or she thinks is required before the thesis material will be ready for publication and how well you meet the other selection criteria below.   Students are strongly encouraged to discuss their application with their supervisor before making the application. Students who are nearly ready to submit their theses are eligible to apply, but if awarded, the scholarship will commence after their thesis has been submitted, provided that it still meets the criteria.
Selection criteria will include, but not be limited to:  Quality of the thesis; balance of awardees across the school; likelihood of the student continuing in the field; previous performance of the student in meeting deadlines; quality of the journal targeted; amount of work still required to ready thesis material for publication; likely effect of the paper on the supervisor’s PBRF score.
The deadline for applications is March 31  for commencement in mid-April or later.