Brook Tozer

Brook Tozer - Masters of Geology Student

April 2012

Brook Tozer is a 23 year old student from Wellington.

Choosing to enrol in a Masters at Victoria was an easy decision for Brook.

“Studying Earth Science at Victoria has been an awesome experience. After taking a first year Earth Science paper I knew that this major was for me. Expanding my knowledge during my undergrad studies only increased my interest further. 

Once I started the third year exploration geophysics course, I had found something I really enjoyed doing, and as they say, the rest is history” says Brook.

Brook believes that New Zealand is right in the heart of one of the most tectonically diverse locations on Earth, which made his research topic even more interesting as all the action is occurring right on our door step.

The thought of conducting his own research under the supervision of world class professors was also very appealing to Brook.        

Brook’s research involves the use of active source seismology to determine crustal structure and thickness within Wanganui Basin.  His thesis will be looking at why tectonic processes are causing extreme thickening of the crust in the Wanganui Basin (the crust is extremely thick here - as thick as that beneath the Southern Alps).  He will also be looking at and how this relates to the Hikurangi subduction dynamics.

The classes that Brook attended during his study saw him undertaking numerous field trips and spending a lot of time in labs. Both of these activities enabled Brook to make some really great lifelong friends. Like many students in the school he loves the culture of SGEES.

Brook believes that “The skills I have learnt during the Master’s program are invaluable, I am now able to demonstrate a range of technical abilities and a high-quality understanding of the science”.  Brook also liked the fact that the course has improved his public speaking ability after presenting scientific material in front of his classes and in public forums.

Once Brook has completed his master’s he would love to visit Europe where his sister is living. After speaking to some of the international students in the school he is also considering doing a PhD at an overseas institution.