School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences


Employment opportunities for Geography graduates are numerous. Since Geography covers a wide range of topics and disciplines, graduates of the programme may be employed in:

  • Urban planning and regional planning
  • Policy analysis in social and economic development, health and transport
  • Geographic Information Systems Operator

Central Government

  • Ministry of Social Development
  • Ministry of Economic Development
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Centre for Research Evaluation and Social Assessment
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
  • Treasury
  • Department of Conservation
  • Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment

Local Government

  • Regional Councils

Employers regard the breadth of knowledge and skills of geography graduates from Victoria University very highly. These essential skills can then be built on to develop the specialist abilities needed in a particular organisation.

People who have a good understanding of social and economic development issues are in demand by many businesses in New Zealand. Similarly people familiar with other cultures and economies are needed by businesses exporting to overseas markets, particularly in Asia.