School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences


Core Courses

DEVE 503  Practicum Supervised practice in a field of development management focusing attention on policy and practice either as part of a special course offered by an approved overseas tertiary institution or in a particular agency or project engaged in development work either in New Zealand or overseas.

DEVE 511  Development Theory

A critical examination of theories of development.

DEVE 512  Development Practice

An analysis of issues and techniques used in development practice. Issues for professional practice and project cycle management.

DEVE 513  Development Policy

Practice in the concepts and tools of development policy formulation through scenario contexts and developing policy documents.

DEVE 514  Development Research

Preparation for master's thesis in development including a full research proposal and practice in research methodology for development fieldwork.

DEVE 540  Directed Individual Study

15 pts

DEVE 560  Special Topic

A course which provides the opportunity for a student to examine a particular aspect of development.

DEVE 561  Special Topic

Elective Courses

Course Title
ANTH 411 Topics in Social and Cultural Anthropology: Inequality and Identity
ENVI 504 Environmental Economics and Policy
ENVI 505 Maori Environmental and Resource Management
ENVI 520 Environmental Management
ENVI 522 Environmental Law
ENVI 523 Planning and the RMA
ENVI 526 Human Dimensions of Conservation
ENVI 527 Conservation & Development
ENVI 528 Special Topic
ENVI 529 Climate Change Issues
GEOG 406 The Geography of Place, Power and Identity
INTP 445 Global Civil Society
INPT 447  Global Governance
MAPP 554 Monitoring and Evaluation
MAPP 558 Development Policy and Management
MBUS 401 Maori & Indigenous Cultural & Intellectual Property Issues
MMBA 553 Project Management
PASI 401 Theory and Methods in Pacific Studies
PASI 403 New Zealand Policy and Pacific people
PHYG 414 Natural Hazards and Risk: Physical and Human Dimensions
PHYG 419 Natural Hazards and Risk: Processes and Impacts
POLS 436 State and the Economy
PSYC 432 Applied Cross-Cultural Psychology
PSYC 433 Current Issues in Cross Cultural Psychology
TOUR 401 Recent Advances in Tourism
TOUR 409 Strategy and Tourism Organization in the Global Economy

Note: Entry to any of the above courses is conditional upon approval by the relevant Programme Director. Not all courses are offered every year.

Courses up to the value of 30 points may be credited towards the degree or diploma, at the discretion of the Programme Director. For example, Massey University offers postgraduate courses in development studies by distance learning.

Courses include:

131.704 Topics in Sustainable Development

131.706 Globalisation and Development