School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences


Academic and Research Staff

Current Research Students and Projects

Student Name Degree Study Title Study Period
Rubianca Benavidez PhD candidate Modelling the potential to mitigate flood risk in the Philippines 2015-2018
Monique Beyer PhD candidate Groundwater age determination using a stochastic framework 2012-2015
Tapuwa Marapara PhD candidate Understanding and optimising ecosystem services delivery from wetlands undergoing restoration 2012-2015
Martha Trodahl PhD candidate Improving LUCI’s predictive ability to model Nitrogen and Phosphorus emissions to water 2014-2017
Stuart Easton MSc Part II candidate Irrigation modelling with the LUCI ecosystem services framework 2014-2015
Stacey Fraser MSc Part II candidate Small-scale data sets of long term soil erosion and soil depth estimations to inform 2014-2015
Nicola Scott MSc Part II candidate Modelling land use trade-offs: Facilitating more informed and sustainable land use decision-making 2014-2015

Recently Completed Research Students and Projects

Student Name Degree Thesis Title Completion Year
Alice Doughty PhD Inferring past climate from moraine evidence using glacier modelling 2012
Deborah Maxwell PhD A rainfall-runoff model for the highly regulated Lake Taupo catchment, using a
constrained Ensemble Kalman Filter to improve the accuracy and reliability of
model output
Ryan Evison MSc Groundwater age in the Wairarapa 2014
James Domisse MSc Mathematical modelling of solute transport in a heterogeneous aquifer