Geographical Information Systems software

The School has the following software available:


ArcGIS is full-featured GIS software for visualising, analysing, creating and managing data with a spatial component.

The University has a campus licence for ArcGIS that allows to both students and staff. Postgraduates and staff in the School who want to use ArcGIS on their own computers should contact Mairéad de Róiste to get the software installed.

Read more about ArcGIS on the ESRI website.

MapInfo professional

MapInfo is a fully featured GIS software package that allows you to manage, analyse and manipulate spatial data. The School has 30 licences and the software  is available on computers in CO 110.

Read more about MapInfor on the PitneyBowes website.

ENVI Software

ENVI (Image Processing and Analysis Solutions) is used to process and analyse geospatial imagery. Its wizard-based approach gives users of all levels access to scientifically-advanced image processing at all levels of geospatial imagery. The School has two licences.

Read more about ENVI on the ITT website.


This software is an integrated GIS and image processing programme. It provides nearly 300 modules from database query, to spatial modelling, to image enhancement and classification.

Special features are included for environmental and natural resource management, including land change modelling and time series analysis, multi criteria and multi-object decision support, uncertainty and risk analysis, simulation modelling, surface interpolation, and statistical characterisation. The university has a campus wide licence for the software.

Read more about IDRISI on the Clark Labs website

FME sesktop

FME Desktop is a flexible and powerful spatial Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) toolset that makes it easy to translate, transform and integrate spatial data between file formats or applications.

The software is available to use in the following undergraduate labs CO 110, KK 116, KK 117 and KK118.

Read more about FME Desktop on the Safe Software website.

Trimble office planner

Trimble Office Planner is free planning software that can be used to determine the best time of the day to carry out GPS capture. It provides DOP charts, sky plots, satellite visibility and other features.

For more information and the free download visit the Trimble website.

Map toaster

Map Toaster is GPS management and processing software. It also has topo images and aerial photography for all of New Zealand. Map Toaster will run on staff Microsoft Windows machines only and can be accessed via the University library database.

GPS pathfinder

GPS Pathfinder is software to manage and process GPS data. It allows users to view, correct and edit GPS data and export into GIS suitable formats. The School has two licences.

More information is available from Trimble Docushare.


This is a data collection and management tool used with Trimble GPS units. It facilitates data collection in point, line or area format and associated attribute values. It also facilitates the use of data rules for data integrity at collection. The School has two licences.

More information is available from the Trimble website.

Trimble GPScorrect extension

This programme is suitable for use with ESRI's ArcPad software. The extension facilitates differential correction and helps improve GPS accuracy. The School has two licences.

More information is available from the Trimble website.

Trimble GPS analyst extension

This programme enables the direct manipulation of GPS data within a personal geodatabase and is used with ESRI's ArcGIS software. It includes differential correction tools. The School has two licences.

More information is available from the Trimble website.