Cliff Atkins

Senior Lecturer School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences


Teaching in 2017

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BSc Hons (1st Class) VUW (1995); PhD VUW (2003)


Publications from 1998 - Now

Research interests

My primary research theme is: understanding sedimentary processes and environments. Recent focus has been on:

  • polar aeolian sediment distribution, analysis of polar glaciomarine drillcores, terrestrial cold-based glaciers and the interaction with the landscape
  • interpreting marine and terrestrial depositional environments from Paleogene to Quaternary sedimentary rocks in the East Coast of New Zealand.

Recent projects


Post Glacial climate history from the Deep Fault Drilling Project, Westland, New Zealand.


Aeolian dust distribution in the SW Ross Sea. Part of the ‘Modern Processes’ component of the Past Antarctic Climates/ANDRILL program. I led expeditions to Antarctica in 2010/11 and 2011/12.


Numerous student research projects related to interpreting depositional environments and geological history from sedimentary strata in the Wairarapa and offshore Taranaki and Canterbury basins.


ANDRILL project. A multinational project recovering sedimentary strata in the McMurdo Sound area, Antarctica.