School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences

AProf Brent Alloway

Associate Professor
School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences

Phone: 04 463 5844
Location: Room 200, Cotton Building, Gate 7 Kelburn Pde, Kelburn Campus

AProf Brent Alloway

Teaching in 2016

BIOL 222 - Ecology and Environment
Course Lecturer

GEOG 222 - Ecology and Environment
Course Coordinator

GEOG 318 - Quaternary Environmental Change
Course Coordinator

GEOG 324 - Research Design
Course Coordinator

GEOG 325 - Field Methods
Course Coordinator


BSc Hons Victoria University of Wellington (1982); PhD Massey University (1989)


Publications from 1986 - Now

Research Interests

I am a experienced Quaternary earth scientist with diverse expertise in tephrochronology, geochemistry, geochronology (ITPFT-technique), paleoenvironmental reconstruction, landscape evolution, soil-geomorphic relationships, volcanic and coastal hazard mapping/assessment and the characterisation and mapping of soils and cover-bed deposits. I teach Quaternary earth science and volcanology.

I have recently returned to New Zealand after successfully working for several years as an exploration and project geologist in SE Ecuador. I was part of a small team who discovered, characterised and defined the Fruta Del Norte (FDN) epithermal gold deposit – the largest gold discovery in South America in the last 20 years. Prior to this, I was a senior research scientist and science manager at GNS Science, based in Taupo and Wellington.

In November 2009, I received the McKay Hammer Award from the New Zealand Geological Society in recognition of a meritorious research contribution to New Zealand geology.

I am particularly interested in the application of tephrochronology as a tool for unravelling landscape histories and paleoenvironmental change as well as for assessing volcanic hazard. This interest is reflected in a number of my recent publications.

I am currently conducting tephra-related research in southern Chile and Argentina.