DevNet 2016 Conference

Find out about the upcoming Aotearoa New Zealand International Development Studies Network 9th Biennial Conference.

Aotearoa New Zealand International Development Studies Network 9th Biennial Conference 2016

‘Pacific Currents, Global Tides’

In December 2016, Victoria University will host the DevNet 2016 Conference. The theme, ‘Pacific Currents, Global Tides’, reflects a desire to focus both on the ways in which global trends in development theory, policy and practice flow through to the wider Pacific region and also on how current thinking and practice within the region can contribute to and challenge such global tides.

The conference will have a strong emphasis on the Pacific region and involvement of practitioners and community development workers. We encourage groups to participate in sessions in a variety of formats to open discussion, interaction and networking. Workshops, panels, ‘unconference’ formats as well as research-based presentations are all welcome.

Date and venue

5 – 7 December 2016

Start time– 8.30 am

Victoria University of Wellington
Alan MacDiarmid Building
Kelburn Campus
New Zealand

Call for expressions of interest

We invite individuals, groups and organisations to express their interest in attending, and if they would like to participate by offering a presentation or suggesting ideas for panels or other session formats.

We are keen to encourage different ways to use the conference time to bring people together in productive ways to share ideas, practices, research insights, and thoughts for the future as well as build networks and collaborations between practitioners and researchers.

We are particularly keen to encourage dialogue across the many boundaries that exist in the development world: between practitioners, policy makers and academics; between development and community work in the ‘developed’ and ‘developing’ worlds; between government and civil society; between young people and established development workers; between the Global North and the Global South; and between the Pacific and other regions of the world.

Students are particularly encouraged to participate. There will be opportunities for research students to present and discuss their research, possibly using shorter student presentations sessions, and to participate as panelists.

Conventional conference presentations, involving research activities, findings and reflections are welcome, and we are also keen to see sessions that may involve more unconventional formats: panels, working groups, master classes, facilitated workshops and meetings.

Presenters will be able to have their written papers or presentation slides and notes posted on the DevNet website as a record of the conference and available to a wider audience.

Conference handbook

Download the 2016 DevNet conference handbook, which includes a copy of the conference programme and information on our keynote speakers and conference functions.

Registration details

Register online now

  • Early bird registration is now open!
  • There are discounted fees for full time students.
  • Development NGOs may also be able to secure good discounted rates for group registrations. Please contact the organisers to enquire.
  • Please contact the Lorena de la Torre with any questions.

Registration fees

Full conference registration
  • Early Bird (until 30 October 2016) - $280
  • Standard (from 31 October 2016) - $400
One day registration
  • Early Bird (until 30 October 2016) - $120
  • Standard (from 31 October 2016) - $150
  • Early Bird (until 30 October 2016) - $120
  • Standard (from 31 October 2016) - $150

Key dates

Deadline for Expressions of Interest - 10 October 2016

Deadline for abstract submission - 10 October 2016

Early bird registration opens - 9 May 2016

Early bird registration closes - 30 October 2016

About DevNet

DevNet is a networking hub and interface amongst people and organisations working or researching in the field of international development in Aotearoa New Zealand and worldwide. DevNet connects academics, students and development practitioners to facilitate the exchange of ideas, information and research.

Find out more about DevNet Aotearoa New Zealand and their past conferences on their website, or follow them on Facebook.

Our sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors; Capiche Design Ltd, Victoria University of Wellington, and DevNet Aotearoa.

The Wellington experience

Be sure to schedule some extra time before or afterward the conference to experience some Absolutely Positively Wellington must-dos.