School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences

School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences

Our teaching and research programmes are anchored in a passion for planet Earth and expressed in an extraordinary range of courses ranging from deep earth geophysics to feminist geography. We welcome students from around the globe who come to study with our internationally recognised staff, and research at field sites in New Zealand and worldwide.

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Oct28A New View of the Northern North American Continent – Scientific, Economic and Social Contributions of LITHOPROBE, an Earth Sciences Mega-Project : Part 2 Archean Western Superior and Paleozoic Newfoundland Appalachians
Date: 28 October 2016
Time: 12.30 pm
Venue: Cotton Room CO304, Kelburn Campus
Speaker: Ron Clowes, GSNZ Lecturer 2016, Department of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, University of… Read more
Nov10Revisiting the role of human influence on the 2013 New Zealand drought: event-specific attribution using self-organizing maps and the importance of framing
Date: 10 November 2016
Time: 4.00 pm
Venue: Cotton Seminar Room CO304, Kelburn Campus
Speaker: Geophysics PhD Student, Luke Harrington, Victoria University of WellingtonAbstract: Previous studies evaluating anthropogenic influences… Read more
Dec5DevNet 2016 Conference
Date: 5 December 2016
Time: 12.00 am
We are delighted to announce DevNet’s 9th Biennial Conference on International Development hosted by Victoria… Read more

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Jenni Hopkins with a map showing Auckland's volcanic field

Studying a volcanic field

A clearer understanding of the risk posed by a new volcanic eruption in Auckland has emerged from research by student Jenni Hopkins.

Student Denise Tang looking at layers of rock

Putting magma on the map

A study by Denise Tang, who will graduate with a PhD in Geology May 2016, investigated the evolution of ancient explosive volcanoes in Hong Kong that were active between 164 and 140 million years ago.

Students on the Southern Alps

Footage from the field

PhD student Hubert Zal's video features a group of geophysics students carrying out work surrounded by spectacular South Island scenery.