School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences

School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences

Our teaching and research programmes are anchored in a passion for planet Earth and expressed in an extraordinary range of courses ranging from deep earth geophysics to feminist geography. We welcome students from around the globe who come to study with our internationally recognised staff, and research at field sites in New Zealand and worldwide.
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Apr10SGEES Te Kura Tatai Aro Whenua Teachers’ Workshop
Date: 10 April 2015
Time: 2.00 am
Venue: Room AM106 Alan MacDiarmid Building, Victoria University
8:30am Registration Fieldtrip Tongariro National Park, Photo by Jenny HopkinsThis workshop is designed to promote… Read more
May21VUW GED Seminar: Why oh why is Antarctic sea ice extent increasing? What 3 years of Marsden funding can tell us
Date: 21 May 2015
Time: 4.00 pm
Venue: Cotton Building, room CO304
Speaker: Professor James Renwick, Victoria University, Physical Geography Programme A VUW-NIWA team was successful in… Read more

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23 March 2015 Funding to forecast the future of Antarctica’s ice
Two SGEES researchers have each been awarded $100,000 to investigate how Antarctica’s ice volume will change as the world warms. Read more
17 March 2015 Revealing the real risks of a recently active volcano in southern Chile
A study by SGEES Associate Professor Brent Alloway has revealed the frightening potential risk posed by a recently active volcano in southern Chile, and provides insight into what could happen in New Zealand. Read more
5 February 2015 Getting to the bottom of tectonic plates
New research, led by SGEES and using underground dynamite explosions, has revealed previously unknown information about what happens underneath tectonic plates. Read more

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Sam Webber completed a Bachelor of Science with majors in Geology and Physical Geography

Sam Webber chose to study Geology because it was the closest thing to being an explorer he could be. His studies have taken him to glaciers in the Southern Alps and volcanoes in South America. Watch Sam’s story.