School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences

School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences

Our teaching and research programmes are anchored in a passion for planet Earth and expressed in an extraordinary range of courses ranging from deep earth geophysics to feminist geography. We welcome students from around the globe who come to study with our internationally recognised staff, and research at field sites in New Zealand and worldwide.
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Oct29ESCI Seminar: Post-Oruanui supereruption recovery, reconstruction and evolution of Taupo volcano, New Zealand
Date: 29 October 2014
Time: 11.55 am
Venue: Cotton building, room CO304
Speaker: PhD Candidate Simon Barker This talk summarises the key findings of my research on… Read more
Nov17NZCCRI Seminar Series: Validating Model Analysis of Climate Change Mitigation
Date: 17 November 2014
Time: 12.00 pm
Venue: Cotton Building, room CO304
Speaker: Dr Charlie Wilson, University of East Anglia Energy-economy models are widely used to analyse… Read more

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23 October 2014 What Antarctica’s past reveals about future climate
A PhD student at SGEES's Antarctic Research Centre is looking to the distant past to discover what’s ahead for the world’s climate. Bella Duncan is researching Antarctica’s past climate between 25 million and four million years ago, which includes the Miocene and Pliocene geological epochs. Read more
22 October 2014 Alpine Fault Drilling Project moves into new phase
The multi-national Alpine Fault drilling project in which SGEES is participating, has moved to a new phase with a new drilling rig positioned over the borehole to take the probe to its target depth of 1.3km. Read more
5 October 2014 Studying ancient landforms using new technology
Teetering along precarious pathways high in some of Papua New Guinea’s most remote mountains is… Read more

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Sam Webber completed a Bachelor of Science with majors in Geology and Physical Geography

Sam Webber chose to study Geology because it was the closest thing to being an explorer he could be. His studies have taken him to glaciers in the Southern Alps and volcanoes in South America. Watch Sam’s story.