School of English, Film, Theatre, and Media Studies

This information is for the 2015 academic year. See information for MDIA 207 in 2016.

MDIA-207 – News Analysis

Points:20Prerequisites:As for MDIA 201
Faculty:Humanities & Soc ScCorequisites:None
School:English, Film, Theatre, MediaRestrictions:None

This course provides students the opportunity to develop the theoretical background and skills necessary for critically analysing the various information products generated by the increasingly global news media. Rejecting the naive assumption that the news is an accurate and objective reflection of reality, the ways in which the news presents a distorted but consistent view of the world are systematically examined, with an emphasis on how and why these distortions exist and persist. In recognition of the wide variety of careers and intellectual pursuits that will find value in the skills enabling the critical engagement of the news media, this course is designed for a diverse student audience. 100% internal assessment.

Tuition Fees

2015: domestic $850.60     international $3,796.00

Set Texts

Harrison, Jackie. News. Routledge.
Available from vicbooks, Ground Floor Easterfield Building, Kelburn Parade.

Recommended Reading

Shudson. Sociology of News. Norton.
Available from vicbooks, Ground Floor Easterfield Building, Kelburn Parade.


1 hour per week tba.

Trimester 1 2015

* indicates instructor is the course coordinator.

CRNFrom/ToDaysTimeBuilding [Campus]RoomInstructor
10435 2 Mar – 5 Apr 2015Thu1410 - 1600Hugh Mackenzie [Kelburn]LT104Douglas Van Belle
20 Apr – 7 Jun 2015Thu1410 - 1600Hugh Mackenzie [Kelburn]LT104

Course Outline Information

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