School of English, Film, Theatre, and Media Studies

This information is for the 2016 academic year. See information for MDIA 206 in 2015.

MDIA-206 – Media and Digital Cultures

Points:20Prerequisites:As for MDIA 201
Faculty:Humanities & Soc ScCorequisites:None
School:English, Film, Theatre, MediaRestrictions:None

This course introduces some of the key arguments and issues discussed in the rapidly developing field of new media studies. We examine how digital technologies (such as the Internet, digital music, video games) are transforming contemporary culture and every day life, and in turn, how cultural, economic, and political forces shape these technologies. 100% internal assessment.

Tuition Fees

2015: domestic $850.60     international $3,796.00

Set Texts

Giddings, Seth, with Martin Lister. Eds. The New Media and Technocultures Reader. London: Routledge, 2011.
Available from vicbooks, Ground Floor Easterfield Building, Kelburn Parade.

Recommended Reading

Lister, Martin, Jon Dovey, Seth Giddings, Iain Grant, and Kieran Kelly. New Media: A Critical Introduction. 2nd ed. London: Routledge, 2009.
Available in closed reserve.

Schirato, Tony, Angi Buettner, Thierry Jutel, and Geoff Stahl, Understanding Media Studies. Oxford University Press, 2010.
Available in closed reserve.


1 hour per week tba.

Trimester 2 2015

* indicates instructor is the course coordinator.

CRNFrom/ToDaysTimeBuilding [Campus]RoomInstructor
10434 13 Jul – 23 Aug 2015Wed1510 - 170077 Fairlie Tce [Kelburn]306Angi Buettner
7 Sep – 18 Oct 2015Wed1510 - 170077 Fairlie Tce [Kelburn]306

Course Outline Information

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