School of Economics and Finance

Graduate Diploma in Commerce with specialisation in Economics or Finance

Victoria's Graduate Diploma in Commerce (GDipCom) is a flexible qualification designed for graduates in other disciplines, such as arts and science, who want to gain a commerce qualification from one year of further study.

It is also for Commerce graduates who want to move into a new area of specialisation and are considering subsequent application for an Honours programme.

The GDipCom is a one-year full-time (or up to three years part-time) programme of study.The course selected for the Diploma must include at least 120 points from courses at 200 level or above, with at least 75 points at 300 level or above.

The requirements for the GDipCom with specialisation in:

Specialisation in Economics

  • ECON 201, 202
  • one course from (ECON 211, 212, FINA 201, MATH277, QUAN 201, 203, STAT 231, 233)
  • three courses from (ECON300-399, FINA 304, 306, PUBL 303)
  • two approved 300-level electives

Specialisation in Finance

  • FINA 201, 202
  • one course from (ACCY 231, ECON 201, 202, FINA 203, MATH 277, QUAN 201, 203, STAT 231, 233)
  • three courses from (ACCY 306, FINA 300-399)
  • two approved 300-level electives

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If you are putting together your own programme, talk to the Postgraduate Coordinator, Dr Toby Daglish or see the Associate Dean (Students) at the Faculty of Commerce, for approval of your programme before you enrol.

Graduate Brochure

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