Research areas

Staff in the School of Economics and Finance undertake research in a wide range of areas within the broad field of Economics and Finance.

As part of our commitment to research, we welcome applications from graduate students who want to study towards a Master's or PhD degree in research areas of our staff. For information on these programmes of study, see our Postgraduate Study page, or contact our Postgraduate Coordinator.

Research area of expertise: Economics

  • Dr Paul Calcott - Social Regulation and its alternatives, Environmental and Paternalist Intervention. The economics of tort.
  • Dr Shutao Cao - Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, International Trade, Firm Dynamics, Reallocation, Canadian Economy, and Chinese Economy.
  • Assoc. Prof Jonathan Chiu - Monetary Economics, Macroeconomics, Payment Economics.
  • Dr Yu-Wei Luke Chu - Labour Economics, Health Economics, Applied Econometrics, and Economics of crime.
  • Dr Harold Cuffe - Labour Economics, Applied Econometrics, Crime Economics, Economics of Education, Health Economics, Consumer Credit, Fringe Banking.
  • Emeritus Prof Lew Evans - Microeconomics, Industrial Organisation and Econometrics. The operation and performance of markets and organisations.
  • Dr Jan Feld - Economics of Education, Labor Economics, Behavioral Economics.
  • Emeritus Prof Viv Hall - New Zealand, Australian and Pacific Rim business cycle analysis; Macroeconomic modelling and policy, with particular reference to monetary and fiscal policy; growth and productivity analysis.
  • Assoc. Prof Yothin Jinjarak - International Trade and Macroeconomics; Development
  • Dr Robert Kirkby - Macroeconomics, Taxation, Inequality, Monetary Economics, Computation and Estimation of Models.
  • Prof Ilan Noy - International and development economics. Natural disasters, financial crises and capital flow.
  • Dr Vladimir Petkov - Dynamic Games, Contracts, Environmental Economics
  • Assoc. Prof Jack Robles - Game Theory and Economic Theory. Current research: rationality in extensive form games, evolutionary stability in bargaining situations, discrimination (in group bias: as a repeated game equilibrium, and contacts between lawyers and clients.
  • Dr Yigit Saglam - Applied Econometrics, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
  • Dr Yao Yao - Development Economics, Macroeconomics, Health Economics, Labor Economics

Research area of expertise: Finance

  • Dr Griffin Geng - Empirical Corporate Finance, Corporate Innovation.
  • Prof Graeme Guthrie - Applications of real options analysis to corporate decision-making, industrial organization, and urban economics. Corporate governance theory.
  • Dr Michael Keefe - IPOs, Capital Structure Information and Market Efficiency.
  • Dr Mohammed Khaled - Demand Systems, Economies of Scale and Scope, Production and Cost Frontiers, Stock-market Efficiency Tests, Trends in Stock Prices and Returns.
  • Dr Hai Lin - Fixed-income Securities, Asset Pricing, Market Microstructure.
  • Assoc. Prof Ingrid Lo - Market Microstructure, Financial Econometrics, Empirical Asset Pricing.
  • Dr Leigh Roberts - Financial Mathematics, Risk Management and Insurance. Combinatorics; Jack Polynominals and Zonal Polynominals.
  • Dr Cheng Zhang - Empirical and Theoretical Asset Pricing, Derivative Markets, Liquidity, Financial Econometrics, Security Lending Markets