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As part of our commitment to research, we welcome applications from graduate students who want to study towards a Master's or PhD degree in research areas of our staff. For information on these programmes of study, see our Postgraduate Study page, or contact our Postgraduate Coordinator.

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Research area of expertise: Economics

Name Research Interests
Dr Paul Calcott Social Regulation and its alternatives, Environmental and Paternalist Intervention. The economics of tort.
Dr Shutao Cao Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, International Trade, Firm Dynamics, Reallocation, Canadian Economy, and Chinese Economy.
Assoc. Prof Jonathan Chiu Monetary Economics, Macroeconomics, Payment Economics.
Dr Yu-Wei Luke Chu Labour Economics, Health Economics, Applied Econometrics, and Economics of crime.
Dr Harold Cuffe Labour Economics, Applied Econometrics, Crime Economics, Economics of Education, Health Economics, Consumer Credit, Fringe Banking.
Emeritus Prof Lew Evans Microeconomics, Industrial Organisation and Econometrics. The operation and performance of markets and organisations.
Dr Jan Feld Economics of Education, Labor Economics, Behavioral Economics.
Emeritus Prof Viv Hall New Zealand, Australian and Pacific Rim business cycle analysis; Macroeconomic modelling and policy, with particular reference to monetary and fiscal policy; growth and productivity analysis.
Assoc. Prof Yothin Jinjarak International Trade and Macroeconomics; Development
Dr Robert Kirkby Macroeconomics, Taxation, Inequality, Monetary Economics, Computation and Estimation of Models.
Prof Ilan Noy International and development economics. Natural disasters, financial crises and capital flow.
Dr Vladimir Petkov Dynamic Games, Contracts, Environmental Economics
Assoc. Prof Jack Robles Game Theory and Economic Theory. Current research: rationality in extensive form games, evolutionary stability in bargaining situations, discrimination (in group bias: as a repeated game equilibrium, and contacts between lawyers and clients.
Dr Yigit Saglam Applied Econometrics, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Dr Yao Yao Development Economics, Macroeconomics, Health Economics, Labor Economics

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Research area of expertise: Finance

Name Research Interests
Dr Griffin Geng Empirical Corporate Finance, Corporate Innovation.
Prof Graeme Guthrie Applications of real options analysis to corporate decision-making, industrial organization, and urban economics. Corporate governance theory.
Dr Michael Keefe IPOs, Capital Structure Information and Market Efficiency.
Dr Mohammed Khaled Demand Systems, Economies of Scale and Scope, Production and Cost Frontiers, Stock-market Efficiency Tests, Trends in Stock Prices and Returns.
Dr Hai Lin Fixed-income Securities, Asset Pricing, Market Microstructure.
Assoc. Prof Ingrid Lo Market Microstructure, Financial Econometrics, Empirical Asset Pricing.
Dr Leigh Roberts Financial Mathematics, Risk Management and Insurance. Combinatorics; Jack Polynominals and Zonal Polynominals.
Dr Cheng Zhang Empirical and Theoretical Asset Pricing, Derivative Markets, Liquidity, Financial Econometrics, Security Lending Markets