Australian Business Deans Council Rankings

In April 2008, the Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) created a ranking of 2,498 business (and business-related) journals. The ABDC classified 38 Economics journals, and seven Finance journals, as being A*.

An A* journal is defined by the ABDC as being “Best or leading journal in its field - publishes outstanding, original and rigorous research that will shape the field. Acceptance rates are typically low and the editorial board is dominated by leading scholars in the field or subfield, including from top institutions in the world. Where relevant to the field or subfield, the journal has the highest impact factors or other indices of high reputation.”

A* journal outputs since 2000 in the School of Economics and Finance can be found below:

  • Hall, Viv B (with C John McDermott), ‘The New Zealand business cycle’, Econometric Theory, forthcoming.
  • Petkov, Vladimir (with Tarek Coury), ‘Delegation and commitment in durable goods monopolies’, Games and Economic Behavior, Vol 63 (2008), 41-55.
  • Robles, Jack, ‘Evolution, bargaining, and time preferences’, Economic Theory, Vol 35 (2008), 19-36.
    Cho, Jin Seo (with Halbert White), ‘Testing for Regime switching’, Econometrica, Vol 75 (2007), 1671-1720.
  • Guthrie, Graeme ‘Missed opportunities: Optimal investment timing when information is costly’, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis Vol 42 (2007), 467-488.
  • Zhang, Shunming (with John Walley), ‘A numerical simulation analysis of (Hukou) labour mobility restrictions in China’, Journal of Development Economics, Vol 83 (2007), 392-410.
  • Boyle, Glenn, and Graeme Guthrie, ‘Hedging the value of waiting’, Journal of Banking & Finance, Vol 30 (2006), 1245-1267.
  • Calcott, Paul (with Stephen Hutton), ‘The Choice of a Liability Regime when there is a Regulatory Gatekeeper’, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Vol 51 (2006), 153-164.
  • Guthrie, Graeme ‘Regulating infrastructure: The impact on risk and investment’, Journal of Economic Literature, Vol44, December (2006), 925-972.
  • Guthrie, Graeme (with John Small and Julian Wright), ‘Pricing access: Forward versus backward looking cost rules'’ European Economic Review, Vol 50, 7 (2006), 1767-1789.
  • Han, Chirok (with Peter C B Phillips), ‘GMM with many moment conditions’, Econometrica, Vol 74 (2006), 147-192.
  • Kim, Kunhong, Viv B Hall and Robert A Buckle, ‘Consumption-smoothing in a small, cyclically volatile open economy: Evidence from New Zealand’, Journal of International Money and Finance, Vol 25 (2006), 1277-1295.
  • Moore Lyndon (with S Juh), ‘Derivative pricing 60 years before Black Scholes: Evidence from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange’, Journal of Finance, Vol 61 (2006), 3069-3098.
  • Han, Chirok (with Luis Orea and Peter Schmidt), ‘Estimation of a panel data model with parametric temporal variation in individual effects’, Journal of Econometrics, Vol 126 (2005), 241-267.
  • Krawczyk, Jacek (with R Lifran and M Tidball,), ‘Use of coupled incentives to improve adoption of environmentally friendly technologies’, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Vol 49 (2005), 311-329.
  • Quigley, Neil (with G F Mathewson and I J Horstmann) ‘Agency Contracts with Long-Term Customer Relationships’, Journal of Labor Economics, Vol 23 (2005), 589 - 608.
  • Chang, Chia-Ying (with Victor Li), ‘Money, Credit and Cyclical Behaviour of Household Investment-the Case of Cash-in-Advance Economy’, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Vol 28 (2004), 691-706.
  • Guthrie, Graeme (with Julian Wright), ‘The Optimal Design of Interest Rate Target Changes’, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Vol 36 (2004), 115-138.
  • Boyle, Glenn, and Guthrie, Graeme, ‘Investment, Uncertainty and Liquidity’, Journal of Finance, Vol 58 (2003), 2143-2166.
  • Boyle, Glenn (with Jan Bartholdy and Roger Stover), ‘Deposit Insurance and the Risk Premium in Bank Deposit Rates’, Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol 27 (2003), 699-717.
  • Krawczyk, Jacek (with K Shimomura), ‘Why countries with the same technology and preferences can have different growth rates’, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Vol 27 (2003), 1899-1916.
  • Zhang, Jie (with Junsen Zhang and Ronald Lee), ‘Rising longevity, education, savings, and growth’, Journal of Development Economics, Vol70 (2003), 83-101.
  • Han, Chirok (with Robert de Jong), ‘The Properties of Lp GMM Estimators’, Econometric Theory, Vol 18, (2002), 491-504.
  • Robles, Jack (with Tore Ellingsen), ‘Does evolution solve the hold-up problem’, Games and Economic Behavior, Vol 39 (2002), 28-53.
  • Robles, Jack, ‘Evolution in finitely repeated coordination games’, Games and Economic Behavior, Vol 34 (2001), 312-330.
  • Walls, Margaret (with Karen Palmer), ‘Upstream pollution, downstream waste disposal, and the design of comprehensive environmental policies’, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Vol 41 (2001), 94-108.
  • Yao, Shuntian (with Young Sik Kim), ‘Liquidity, Quality, Production Cost, and Welfare in a Search Model of Money’, Economic Journal, Vol 111 (2001), 114-127.
  • Zhang, Jie (with Junsen Zhang and Ronald Lee), ‘Mortality Decline and Long-run Economic Growth’, Journal of Public Economics, Vol80 (2001), 485-507.
  • Buckle, Robert A (with John A Carlson), ‘Inflation and asymmetric price adjustment’ , Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol 82 (2000), 157-160.
  • Calcott, Paul, and Margaret Walls, ‘Can downstream waste disposal policies encourage upstream “Design for Environment”?’, American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings, Vol 90 (2000), 233-237.
  • Calcott, Paul, ‘Health Care Evaluation, Utilitarianism and Distortionary Taxes’, Journal of Health Economics, Vol 19, (2000), 719-730.
  • Guthrie, Graeme (with Julian Wright), ‘Open Mouth Operations’, Journal of Monetary Economics, Vol 46 (2000), 489-516.
  • Zhang, Jie (with James Davies and Jinli Zeng), ‘Consumption vs. Income Taxes When Private Human Capital Investments are Imperfectly Observable’, Journal of Public Economics, Vol77 (2000), 1-28.