Nanostructured materials for optoelectronic device applications

The Halpert Group

At this time, we are focused on novel semiconductor nanocrystals and their use for energy generation as solar cells and thermoelectric devices. We are also currently working on organic perovskites based solar cells to improve device efficiency and determine how these devices work. After synthesizing and purifying our materials, our group makes and tests our own devices. In this way, our physics and applications studies are very much driven by ability to design and synthesize new materials.

In collaboration with other groups at VUW, we can also use various ultrafast transient absorption and photoluminescence spectroscopic techniques to characterize the optical and electronic properties of these materials. And we can use these and more generic transient and steady-state electronic measurements to understand how these materials perform in devices.

Group members can expect to cover all aspects of the process, from synthesis to characterization to device construction and testing, though with particular focus in one or more areas of interest. In this way our work is interdisciplinary while also generating specific areas of useful expertise.

We expect to collaborate with other groups at VUW and also at the University of Cambridge.

For information about potential PhD and MSc projects please contact Dr Jonathan Halpert