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Simple Ligand Exchange Reactions Enabling Excellent Dispersibility and Stability of Magnetic Nanoparticles in Polar Organic, Aromatic, and Protic Solvents
Wang, Xinyu, Tilley, Richard D. and Watkins, James J.
Langmuir , 30, 1514-1521 (2014)

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Silicon and Germanium Nanoparticles with Tailored Surface Chemistry as Novel Inorganic Fiber Brightening Agents
S. Deb-Choudhury, S. Prabakar, G. Krsinic, J.M. Dyer and R.D. Tilley
J. Agric. Food Chem., 61, 7188-7194 (2013)


Au–Pd Core–Shell Nanoparticles as Alcohol Oxidation Catalysts: Effect of Shape and Composition
S. Cheong, L. Graham, G.L. Brett, A.M. Henning, J. Watt, P.J. Miedziak, M. Song, Y. Takeda, S.H. Taylor and R.D.T. Tilley
ChemSusChem, 6, 1858-1862 (2013)


Effect of Surfactant Concentration and Aggregation on the Growth Kinetics of Nickel Nanoparticles
A.P. LaGrow, B. Ingham, M.F. Toney, R.D. Tilley
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 117, 16709-16718 (2013)


Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Evaluate Dendritic Cell-Based Vaccination
P.M. Ferguson, A. Slocombe, R.D. Tilley and I.F. Hermans
PLoS ONE, 8, e65318 (2013)


How hollow structures form from crystalline iron–iron oxide core–shell nanoparticles in the electron beam
D.A.J. Herman, S. Cheong, M.J. Banholzer and R.D. Tilley
Chem. Commun., 49, 6203-6205 (2013)


Oxide-based inorganic/organic and nanoporous spherical particles: synthesis and functional properties
K. Shiba, M. Tagaya, R.D. Tilley and N. Hanagata
Sci. Tech. Adv. Mater., 14, 023002 (2013)


Chemical Insight into the Origin of Red and Blue Photoluminescence Arising from Freestanding Silicon Nanocrystals
M. Dasog, Z. Yang, S. Regli, T.M. Atkins, A. Faramus, M.P. Singh, E. Muthuswamy, S.M. Kauzlarich, R.D. Tilley and J.G.C. Veinot
ACS Nano, 7, 2676-2685 (2013)


One-pot synthesis of water soluble iron nanoparticles using rationally-designed peptides and ligand release
S. Papst, S. Cheong, M.J. Banholzer, M.A. Brimble, D.E. Williams and R.D. Tilley
Chem. Commun., 49, 4540-4542 (2013)


How to control the shape of metal nanostructures in organic solution phase synthesis for plasmonics and catalysis
J. Watt, S. Cheong and R.D. Tilley
Nano Today, 8, 198-215 (2013)


CdSe Quantum Dot Growth on Magnetic Nickel Nanoparticles
W.R. Siah, A.P. LaGrow, M.J. Banholzer and R.D. Tilley
Crystal Growth & Design, 13, 2486-2492 (2013)


Strongly Magnetic Iron Nanoparticles Improve the Diagnosis of Small Tumours in the Reticuloendothelial System by Magnetic Resonance Imaging
P.M. Ferguson, K.W. Feindel, A. Slocombe, M. MacKay, T. Wignall, B. Delahunt, R.D. Tilley and I.F. Hermans
PLoS ONE, 8, e56572
Can Polymorphism be Used to form Branched Metal Nanostructures?
A.P. LaGrow, S. Cheong, J. Watt, B. Ingham, M.F. Toney, D.A. Jefferson and R.D. Tilley
Adv. Mater.,25, 1552-1556,   (2013)


Shape Control from Thermodynamic Growth Conditions: The Case of hcp Ruthenium Hourglass Nanocrystals
J. Watt, C. Yu, S.L.Y. Chang, S. Cheong and R.D. Tilley
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 135, 606-609 (2013)


Nanomaterials: Earthworms lit with quantum dots
Richard D. Tilley and Soshan Cheong
Nature Nanotechnology, 8, 6-7 (2013)

Gold-Palladium Core-Shell Nanocrystals with Size and Shape Control Optimized for Catalytic Performance
A.M. Henning, J. Watt, P.J. Miedziak, S. Cheong, M. Santonastaso, M. Song, Y. Takeda, A.I. Kirkland, S.H. Taylor and R.D. Tilley
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 52, 1477-1480  (2013)



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Ostwald’s Rule of Stages and Its Role in CdSe Quantum Dot Crystallization
A.L. Washington, M.E. Foley, S. Cheong, L. Quffa, C.J. Breshike, J. Watt, R.D. Tilley and G.F. Strouse
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 134, 17046-17052 (2012)

Synthesis and Stability of Highly Crystalline and Stable Iron/Iron Oxide Core/Shell Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications
S. Cheong, P. Ferguson,I. Hermans, G. Jameson, S. Prabakar, D. Herman and R. Tilley
ChemPlusChem, 77, 135-140 (2012)

Novel Phosphopeptides as Surface-Active Agents in Iron Nanoparticle Synthesis
R. Peltier, W. Siah, G.V.M. Williams, M.A. Brimble, R.D. Tilley and D.E. Williams
Australian Journal of Chemistry, 65, 680-685 (2012)

Synthesis and characterisation of magnetic iron sulfide nanocrystals
J.H.L. Beal, P.G. Etchegoin, R.D. Tilley
Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 189, 57–62 (2012)

Synthesis and Size Dependent Reflectance Study of Water Soluble SnS Nanoparticles
Y. Xu, N. Al-Salim and R.D. Tilley
Nanomaterials, 2, 54-64 (2012)

Synthesis, Alignment, and Magnetic Properties of Monodisperse Nickel Nanocubes
A.P. LaGrow, B. Ingham, S. Cheong, G.V.M. Williams, C. Dotzler, M.F. Toney, D.A. Jefferson, E.C. Corbos, P.T. Bishop, J. Cookson and R.D. Tilley
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 134, 855-858 (2012)

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Simple Synthesis and Functionalization of Iron Nanoparticles for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
S. Cheong, P. Ferguson, K.W. Feindel, I.F. Hermans, P.T. Callaghan, C. Meyer, A. Slocombe, C-H. Su, F-Y. Cheng, C-S. Yeh, B. Ingham, M.F. Toney and R.D. Tilley
featured as issue back cover article, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 50, 4206-4209 (2011)

Reverse Capillary Action in Carbon Nanotubes - Sucking Metal Nanoparticles out of Nanotubes
K. Edgar, S.C. Hendy, D. Schebarchov and R.D. Tilley
Small, 7, 737-740 (2011)

Hot-Injection Synthesis of Iron/Iron Oxide Core/Shell Nanoparticles for T2 Contrast Enhancement in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
D.A.J. Herman, P. Ferguson, S. Cheong, I.F. Hermans, B.J. Ruck, K.M. Allan, S. Prabakar, J.L. Spencer, C.D. Lendrum and R.D. Tilley
Chemical Communications, 47, 9221-9223 (2011)

Colloidal synthesis of inorganic fullerene nanoparticles and hollow spheres of titanium disulfide
S. Prabakar, S. Collins, B. Northover and R.D. Tilley
Chemical Communications, 47, 439-441 (2011)

Synthesis and Comparison of the Magnetic Properties of Iron Sulfide Spinel and Iron Oxide Spinel Nanocrystals
J.H.L. Beal, S. Prabakar, N. Gaston, G.B. Teh, P.G. Etchegoin, G. Williams and R.D. Tilley
Chem. Mater., 23, 2514-2517 (2011)

How nanoparticles coalesce: An in situ study of Au nanoparticle aggregation and grain growth
B. Ingham, T.H. Lim, C. Dotzler, A. Henning, M.F. Toney and R.D. Tilley
Chem. Mater., 23, 3312-3317 (2011)

Sized Controlled Synthesis, Purification, and Cell Studies with Silicon Quantum Dots
A. Shiohara, S. Prabakar, A. Faramus, C-Y. Hsu, P-S Lai, P.T. Northcote and R.D. Tilley
Nanoscale, 3, 3364-3370 (2011)

Healing and Sealing Carbon Nanotubes - Growth and Closure within a Transmission Electron Microscope
K. Edgar, R.D. Tilley, S.C. Hendy and D. Schebarchov
Nanoscale, 3, 1493-1496 (2011)

Solution synthesis and optical properties of SnTe nanocrystals
X. Ying, N. Al-Salim, J. Hodgkiss and R.D. Tilley
Crystal Growth & Design, 11, 2721-2723 (2011)

Effect of Annealing Temperature on the Structural, Photoluminescence and Magnetic Properties of Sol-Gel derived Magnetoplumbite-type (M-type) Hexagonal Strontium Ferrite
G.B. Teh, Y.C. Wong and R.D. Tilley
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 323, 2318-2322 (2011)

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Chemical reactions on surface molecules attached to silicon quantum dots
A. Shiohara, S. Hanada, S. Prabakar, T.H. Lim, K. Fujioka, K. Yamamoto, P.T. Northcote and R.D. Tilley
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 132, 248-253 (2010)
Ultra-fast Growth of Highly Branched Palladium Nanostructures for Catalysis
J. Watt, S. Cheong, M.F. Toney, B. Ingham, J. Cookson, P.T. Bishop and R.D. Tilley
ACS Nano, 4, 396-402 (2010)
Shape control of platinum and palladium nanoparticles for catalysis
S. Cheong, J. Watt and R.D. Tilley
Nanoscale, 2, 2045-2053 (2010)
Size Controlled Synthesis of Germanium Nanocrystals with Hydride Reducing Agents and their Biological Applications
S. Prabakar, A. Shiohara, S. Hanada, K. Fujioka, K. Yamamoto and R. D. Tilley
Chemistry of Materials, 22, 482-486 (2010)
Transition Metal Polysulfide Complexes as Single-Source Precursors for Metal Sulfide Nanocrystals
J.H.L. Beal, R.D. Tilley and P.G. Etchegoin
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 114, 3817-3821 (2010)
Solution Synthesis of Monodisperse Indium Nanoparticles and Highly Faceted Indium Polyhedra
T.H. Lim, B. Ingham, K. Kamarudin, P.G. Etchegoin and R.D. Tilley
Crystal Growth & Design, 10, 3854-3858 (2010)
Size and shape evolution of upconverting nanoparticles using microwave assisted synthesis
H. Wanga, R.D. Tilley and T. Nann
Crystal Engineering Communications, 12, 1993-1996 (2010)

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Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Branched Palladium Nanostructures
J. Watt, N. Young, S. Haigh, A.I. Kirkland and R.D. Tilley
featured as issue cover article, Adv. Mater., 21, 2288-2293 (2009)
Synthesis of SnS Quantum Dots
X. Ying, C.W. Bumby, N. Al-Salim and R.D. Tilley
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 131, 15990-15991 (2009)
In Situ and Ex Situ Studies of Platinum Nanocrystals: Growth and Evolution in Solution
S. Cheong, J. Watt, B. Ingham, M.F. Toney and R.D. Tilley
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 131, 14590-14595 (2009)
Real-Time TEM and Kinetic Monte Carlo Studies of the Coalescence of Decahedral Gold Nanoparticles
T.H. Lim, D. McCarthy, S. Hendy, K. Stevens, S. Brown and R.D. Tilley
ACS Nano, 3, 3809-3813 (2009)
Liquid-Phase Synthesis of Flower-like and Flake-like Titanium Disulphide Nanostructures
S. Prabakar, C.W. Bumby and R.D. Tilley
Chem. Mater., 21, 1725-1730 (2009)
Synthesis, Characterization and Photoconductivity of Highly Crystalline InP Nanowires Prepared from Solid Hydrogen Phosphide
T.H. Lim, S. Ravi, C.W. Bumby, P.G. Etchegoin and R.D. Tilley
J. Mater. Chem., 19, 4852-4856 (2009)
Mixed Si-Ge nanoparticle quantum dots: a density functional theory study
B.G. Walker, S.C. Hendy and R.D. Tilley
Eur. Phys. J. B, 72, 193-201 (2009)
Colloidal Synthesis of Silicon Nanocrystals Via Inverse Micelles Microemulsion
G.B. Teh, N. Saravanan, R.D. Tilley, S. Ramesh and Y.S. Lim
Z. Phys. Chem., 223, 1417-1426 (2009)
The Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes from Metal Nanoparticles
K. Edgar, S. Hendy, J.L. Spencer and R.D. Tilley
Curr. Appl. Phys., AIP Conf. Proc. 1151, 145 (2009)

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Synthesis and applications of nanoparticles and quantum dots
R.D. Tilley
Chem. N.Z., 72, 146-150 (2008)
Luminescent passive-oxidized silicon quantum dots as biological staining labels and their cytotoxicity effects at high concentration
K. Fujioka, M. Hiruoka, K. Sato, N. Manabe, R. Miyasaka, S. Hanada, A. Hoshino, R.D. Tilley, Y. Manome, K. Hirakuri and K. Yamamoto
Nanotechnol., 19, 415102/1-415102/7 (2008)
Application of Lanczos-based time-dependent density-functional theory approach to semiconductor nanoparticle quantum dots
B.G. Walker, S.C. Hendy, R. Gebauer and R.D. Tilley
Eur. Phys. J. B, 66, 7-15 (2008)
Self-assembled Hollow Polyaniline/Au Nanospheres with High-Conductivity Obtained by a One-Step Synthesis
L. Zhang, H. Peng, P.A. Kilmartin, C. Soeller, R.D. Tilley and J. Travas-Sejdic
Macromol. Rap. Commun., 29, 598-603 (2008)

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Shape-controlled growth of Platinum Nanoparticles
J. Ren and R.D. Tilley
Small, 3, 1508-1512 (2007)
Preparation, Self-Assembly, and Mechanistic Study of Highly Monodispersed Nanocubes
J. Ren and R.D. Tilley
J.Am. Chem. Soc., 129, 3287-3291 (2007)
Synthesis of CdSeS Nanocrystals in Coordinating and Noncoordinating Solvents: Solvent's Role in Evolution of the Optical and Structural Properties
N. Al-Salim, A.G. Young, R.D. Tilley, J.A. McQuillan and J. Xia
Chem. Mater., 19, 5185-5193 (2007)

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Microemulsion synthesis of hydrophobic and hydrophilic silicon nanocrystals
R.D. Tilley and K. Yamamoto
Advanced Materials, 18, 2053-2056 (2006)
Controlled formation of 3D CdS nanocrystal superlattices in solution
J.H. Warner, S. Djouahra and R.D. Tilley
Nanotechnology, 17, 3035-3038 (2006)
Synthesis of water-soluble photoluminescent germanium nanocrystals
J.H. Warner and R.D. Tilley
Nanotechnology, 17, 3745-3749 (2006)

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Water-soluble photoluminescent silicon quantum dots
J.H. Warner, A. Hoshino, K. Yamamoto and R.D. Tilley
Angewandte Chemie, 44, 4550-4554 (2005)
Micro-emulsion synthesis of monodisperse surface stabilized silicon nanocrystals
R.D. Tilley, J.H. Warner, K. Yamamoto, I. Matsui and H. Fujimori
Chem. Commun., 1833-1835 (2005)
Synthesis and self-assembly of triangular and hexagonal CdS nanocrystals
J.H. Warner and R.D. Tilley
Advanced Materials, 17, 2997-3001 (2005)
Surface morphology dependent photoluminescence from colloidal silicon nanocrystals
J.H. Warner, H. Rubinsztein-Dunlop and R.D. Tilley
J. Phys. Chem. B, 109, 19064-19067 (2005)
Controlling PbS nanocrystal aggregation in conducting polymers
J.H. Warner, A.A.R. Watt and R.D. Tilley
Nanotechnology, 16, 2381-2384 (2005)