Uli Zuelicke

Professor - Physics

Research interests

  • Theoretical Solid-State Physics
  • Quantum Physics
  • Nanoscience
  • Spintronics
Prof Uli Zuelicke profile picture

Research interests

My background and professional expertise is in theoretical condensed-matter physics. I am particularly interested in the description of mesoscopic and strongly correlated many-particle systems that are typically found in semiconductor heterostructures, complex/unconventional materials (such as graphene), and trapped ultra-cold atom gases.

My current research is focused on the theory and modelling of functional nanostructures, nano-electronic transport and spin-electronic devices, with applications in quantum information theory. In addition to working on purely theoretical problems, I enjoy collaborating with experimentalist colleagues on projects of mutual interest.

More information

See my profiles on ResearcherID, Scopus, ORCID, or Google Scholar for up-to-date lists of my publications.

More biographical information is available via LinkedIn or ResearchGate.