Kenneth Mackenzie

PhD Supervisor School of Chemical and Physical Sciences

Prof Kenneth MacKenzie profile picture

Research interests

Synthesis, characterisation and applications of new advanced ceramics, glasses, composites, geopolymers and porous ceramics. These materials are studied using X-ray diffraction, thermal analysis and spectroscopic techniques, especially solid state multinuclear MAS NMR.


Hector Medal of the Royal Society of NZ
Shorland Medal
Royal Society of NZ Medal for Technology
ICI Medal
Shell Prize for Industrial Chemistry
Easterfield Medal
James Cook Fellowship
Academician of the World Academy of Ceramics

Research projects

  • synthesis and structural characterisation of new inorganic polymers and inorganic/organic hybrid materials for engineering, electronic and biological applications
  • development of new energy-efficient methods for producing advanced ceramic materials, including mechanochemical processing
  • application of multinuclear solid-state MAS NMR techniques to the study of inorganic materials (in conjunction with Warwick University)