1st year PhD talk - Matt Cryer

1st year PhD talk - Matt Cryer

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21 February 2017 from 12.30 pm 21st Feb 2017 12:30pm

LB408, Laby Building

Talk title: 'Mid infrared sensitive nanocrystal films'


Current infrared imaging devices are based on complex epitaxial materials combined with bulky and expensive cryogenic cooling systems. Lower cost is dependent on sensors that are simpler to fabricate and which have a higher operating temperature. Colloidal nanocrystals (NCs) have shown potential solutions to both issues,1 allow solution processing methods for device patterning2 and offer the possibility of device spectral tuning to further increase sensitivity in the EM region of interest. This talk will focus on the synthesis of NCs sensitive in the 3 – 5 μm window, NC-device integration and will touch on the electrical characterisation of excited photosensitive NC films.


1: Keuleyan, S., Lhuillier, E., Brajuskovic, V. & Guyot-Sionnest, P. Mid-infrared HgTe colloidal quantum dot photodetectors. Nat Photon 5, 489–493 (2011).

2: Kagan, C. R., Lifshitz, E., Sargent, E. H. & Talapin, D. V. Building devices from colloidal quantum dots. Science 353, aac5523 (2016).