Our students join a lively intellectual environment that offers innovative teaching and world-leading research in superb new facilities.

Combining our expertise in chemistry and physics gives us an edge in materials science research, and collaborations take our discoveries from the lab to the world.


Study Chemistry and find out how atoms and molecules interact and behave.

Available subjects

  • Chemistry
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Explore the way our world is put together and how it works. Study the universe from the smallest parts of an atom to the cosmos.

Available subjects

  • Applied Physics
  • Physics
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Drug Discovery

Research in drug discovery and development enables the identification of new drug targets and therapeutics.

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We are at the forefront of a wide range of exciting research

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  • First year PhD talk - Markus Kotulla

    Talk title: 'Confined 3D Topological Insulator'Speaker: Markus Kotulla, PhD candidate, supervised by Prof Uli Zuelicke,…

    Venue: LB408, Laby Building

  • SCPS Seminar Series 2017 - Physics

    Talk title: 'The charge distribution on a conductor'Speaker: Emer. Prof. David Griffiths, Physics Department -…

    Venue: LB118, Laby Building

  • 1st year PhD talk - Ayesha Khan

    Talk title: 'Synthesis and biological evaluation of ligands for C-type lectin receptors'Speaker: Ayesha Khan -…