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This subject is taught by the School of Mathematics and Statistics.


Could a computer answer every mathematical question? Can we find equations to model the actions of the human heart? What shape is the universe? Mathematics tackles some of the most fascinating issues you can imagine. Starting at a basic and accessible level, the Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Bachelor of Arts (BA) Mathematics major at Victoria can take you anywhere you want to go.

Mathematics is a major in thinking clearly and independently, solving problems, and communicating your answers. Our Mathematics courses can cater to your interests, from pure mathematics like the logic used in computer programs or the underlying concepts of geometry, to applied mathematics, where the skills you learn are targeted directly at issues from economics to earthquakes, cryptography to combustion.

You'll be studying under mathematicians of international calibre, who can communicate their knowledge enthusiastically and supportively to their students. A major in Mathematics prepares you for the modern digital world, where mathematics underpins the developing technologies and opens opportunities in a wealth of professions.

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Undergraduate information

Mathematics major requirements

  1. MATH 142, 151 and 161
  2. 60 points from MATH 300-399*
  3. 60 further points from MATH 200-399*

*Suitable courses are listed in the Undergraduate Prospectus.

First-year courses entry criteria

The core first year courses for Mathematics are MATH 142, 151, 161. They require a good mathematics background (see NCEA requirements, or equivalent):

MATH 141 - Calculus 1A

16 Achievement Standard credits NCEA Level 3 Mathematics (or equivalent) or MATH 132.

MATH 142 - Calculus 1B

NCEA Level 3 Mathematics achievement standards

  • 3.6 (Differentiation, AS91578),
  • 3.7 (Integration, AS91579) and one of
  • 3.1 (Conics AS91573);
  • 3.3 (Trigonometry, AS91575); or
  • 3.5 (Algebra, AS91577),
  • 3.13 (Probability, AS91585),

At least two the three required standards with Merit or Excellence, one of them in either Differentiation or Integration,

Or equivalent background in Mathematics or after passing MATH 141.

MATH 151 - Algebra

16 Achievement Standard credits NCEA Level 3 Mathematics (or equivalent) or MATH 132.

MATH 161 - Discrete Mathematics and Logic

16 Achievement Standard credits NCEA Level 3 Mathematics (or equivalent) or MATH 132.

MATH 177 - Probability and Decision Modelling

16 NCEA Level 3 credits in Calculus or Statistics, including Level 3 achievement standards 3.6 (Differentiation, AS91578) and 3.7 (Integration, AS91579).

Or after passing MATH 141.

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Postgraduate information

Information about postgraduate study can be found on the School of Mathematics and Statistics website.

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How to find out more

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List of courses

Mathematics courses are taught within the School of Mathematics and Statistics, Cotton Building.

Please note: the list below shows undergraduate-level courses only. For a complete course listing, see the list of all Mathematics courses.