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This subject is taught by the School of Biological Sciences.


Biotechnology is the application of science and technology to living organisms. While it has been used for decades—to provide insulin for diabetics, for example—its potential is only just being realised by the public.

A Bachelor of Science (BSc) major in Biotechnology at Victoria provides a grounding in biotechnology and its underlying biological and chemical sciences. It is helpful to have some elementary knowledge of Biology, Chemistry and Statistics. Students can specialise in areas such as bioactives and biodiscovery, protein and nucleic acid biotechnology, and bioprocessing and microbial biotechnology. As well as a sound scientific education, students consider cultural and ethical issues, and are introduced to the aspects of commercial law and technology transfer involved in bringing biotechnological developments to the marketplace.

Victoria's Biotechnology students have the opportunity to work at a technical level within a laboratory or industrial setting. They graduate with scientific, ethical, and business skills, ready to enter a booming scientific field.

For more detailed information on the School of Biological Sciences and its programmes, see the School of Biological Sciences website.

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Undergraduate information

BSc major requirements

  1. BIOL 111; BTEC 101; CHEM 114, 115; PHIL 106 or 228
  2. BIOL 241; BTEC 201; two courses from (BIOL 236, 244, 252, CHEM 201, 205)
  3. BTEC 301; SCIE 310; one course from (BIOL 334, 339, 340, CHEM 301, 305) 

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How to find out more

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Biological Sciences courses are taught within the School of Biological Sciences, Kirk Building. School Office: Level 5

Dr David Ackerley
Programme Manager Biotechnology
Phone: 04 463 5576

Mary Murray
Phone: 04 463 5339
Email: biosci@vuw.ac.nz

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List of courses

100 Level Courses

BTEC 101 – Introduction to Biotechnology

200 Level Courses

BTEC 201 – Molecular Biotechnology

300 Level Courses

BTEC 301 – Biotechnological Techniques and Processes