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Biomedical Science

Please note: Information on this page relates to the 2014 academic year unless otherwise specified.

This subject is taught by the School of Biological Sciences.


Do you want to move straight into a qualification where you can learn about the scientific basis of human health? Do you want to deal with real-life health and medical issues like new diseases, old diseases that resist treatment, the role of molecular biology in health, and new and improved drugs?

Biomedical science at Victoria is the area of study that relates to human health and diseases. It covers the whole of a human life, from reproduction to ageing, taking in microbiology and pharmacology along the way.

The Bachelor of Biomedical Science (BBmedSc) can be the first step towards a career in medicine and other health-related careers, or lead to work in health research. As a BBmedSc student you choose one of three specialisations: Human Genetics, Molecular Pathology, or Molecular Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry.

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Undergraduate information

Biomedical Science is taught as a full undergraduate degree programme. More information about the degree is available on the Faculty of Science website.

Postgraduate information

Information about postgraduate study in Biomedical Science can be found on the School of Biological Sciences website.

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How to find out more

You can order more information on this subject by registering on our Request for Study Material database.

Victoria's Student Recruitment, Admission and Orientation Office offers advice on courses and help with planning your degree.

Contact the Science Faculty Office for information on Admission, qualifications and courses, course advice and selection criteria, exemptions and prerequisites and your Application to Study.

Biomedical Science courses are taught within the School of Biological Sciences, New Kirk Building. School Office: Level 5

Dr Lifeng Peng
Programme Director, Biomedical Science
Phone: 04 463 5233 ext 8076

Mary Murray
Phone: 04 463 5339
Email: biosci@vuw.ac.nz

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List of courses

100 Level Courses

BMSC 114 – Introduction to Human Biology

BMSC 116 – Human Reproduction, Evolution and Sexuality

BMSC 117 – The Biology of Disease

200 Level Courses

BMSC 234 – Special Topic in Biomedical Science

BMSC 241 – Genetics

BMSC 243 – Physiology and Pharmacology

BMSC 244 – Introductory Biochemistry

BMSC 252 – Cell and Developmental Biology

300 Level Courses

BMSC 301 – Medical Microbiology

BMSC 323 – Systems Pathology

BMSC 334 – Cell and Immunobiology

BMSC 335 – Advanced Physiology

BMSC 339 – Cellular Regulation

BMSC 340 – Genes and Genomes

BMSC 343 – Advanced Genetics

BMSC 354 – Pharmacology